Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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As a foreigner in Vietnam, nothing should stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. While enjoying your life, you may think of dating a Vietnamese girl and stand a chance to cook a good relationship together. At first, you may have to endure all the grueling process, but you’ll definitely enjoy the ladies.

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

If I may ask, are you planning to relocate to this country because of dating a Vietnamese lady? Or you’re just trying to put that into your plans? Either way, you’re on the right track. We’ve got you covered on this platform as we will unveil the relationship tips to date a Vietnamese girl without divorce.

On the other hand, if you’ve never spent some time in Vietnam, you may be jumping into murky waters. In fact, some travel experts would tell you to have some romance skills to navigate successfully into the system. Since Vietnam is a good country, it has many young and beautiful ladies under 30.

In order to bring variety to the audience who have been asking me about how dating Vietnamese ladies work when emerging in a serious relationship, I’ve decided to come up with explanatory content. In this section, you’ll understand more about the relationship goals in Vietnam and more.

And of course, if you’re looking for relationship information before getting into any serious one, then this is the right platform. You don’t have to keep surfing the internet to get rumors and fake news that’s not in conjunction with the modern days. Do you want to know more? Read further!

10 Relationship Tips to Dating a Vietnamese

In one of our articles, we’ve talked about the Expats Visas in Vietnam and Its Updated Situation In 2021. Of course, that’s one of the first steps to relocate to this country.  Next, you’ll have to go through the grueling dating phase if you genuinely want to marry a Vietnamese lady or start a relationship.

And if you’ve never lived in Vietnam or dated a Vietnamese girl before, worry less, as we’ve unleashed everything needed. Sadly, many relationships have ended due to trivial cultural misunderstandings that could have been solved with the proper guidance or information. But fear not, as I’ll help you out!

I have lived in Vietnam for many years, and I have lots of experience in dating and how it works. Furthermore, I’ve had a successful relationship with a Vietnamese girl for a couple of years. So, be rest assured to get the knowledge and tips for dating a Vietnamese woman. Now, check the information below!

1.    First Date Preparation

You may be wondering why a first date is quite essential to a Vietnamese lady, right? Of course, don’t expect the same dating scenario as that of your initial country of residence. Continent opinions and cultural backgrounds are different, so be willing to explore the city during your first date in Vietnam.

While you might navigate a different online platform to search for the perfect match, your approach is crucial. And for this, I recommend you just invite the lady for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, it’s always better to select the one that’s close to where you’re living to avoid unnecessary charges and payments.

Aside from this fact, never invite her for a drink on the first date because that’d be awkward for many Vietnamese women. Would you ask me why? Of course, I’ll tell you that the drinking culture in the country is different from the Western countries. And most “good” Vietnamese girls never drink alcohol.

Furthermore, don’t take the lady out for dinner. This is because; it may weed out all the “gold diggers” who are not ready but only looking for a free meal. Again, in the unlikely event that she doesn’t have a motorbike, you can just order her a Go-Viet or taxi, depending on her transportation choice.

2.    Subsequent Dates and Public Affections

If you’re going on the second date, it would be better to invite your Vietnamese girl for dinner. But you should still have control over the venue or location. If the girl really likes you, she’d be interested, and not because of the venue you take her to. Hmm, if she asks to be taken to an expensive restaurant, politely say no and suggest something better, regardless of your cash, budget, or financial situation.

3.    Meeting Her Family/Siblings

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

Oh, really! If that’s not too soon, meeting her family is cool. If her family invites you for dinner, it means that you guys probably have a pretty serious relationship. That sounds like a good job, right? Interesting! But, you should show respect and feel free to meet the family member.

Furthermore, never shake hands with older female family members. Besides, it’s lovely to shake hands with older male family members. Nonetheless, get ready to be bombarded with questions about marriage and grandchildren. So, just respect the family members, and stop at the questions.

4.    Warning Signs and Red Flags (Dating)

Relationship advice is always crucial when you’re planning to date a Vietnamese lady. With red flags, you should understand whether you’re on the right track or you’ve lost in the process. Without further ado, let’s quickly walk you through the signs that you’ll know if a Vietnamese lady is not the right one.

  • If the topic of money comes in a while discussing for the first time, that’s a hint that you should probably discharge her or keep playing along to know what she wants exactly
  • Be careful to understand whether she has a tense relationship with her parent or not. This is to avoid spillover in your relationship
  • If she re-visit your first date location, be careful to know whether she’s seeing someone else or not
  • Other warning signs that you should consider is spending too much on alcohol, ordering excessive jewelry outside your budget, extreme jealousy, and many others, to mention a few

5.    Never Ask for Sex on the First Date

If you’re dating a Vietnamese girl, always know that pride and honors are significant to her. If you take her to a hotel on the first date, she will be suspicious, and you may not be able to get a second date from her. Also, in Vietnamese dating culture, women hardly date for sex only. Therefore, if you’re going on a date for the first time, do not entertain the notion of having sex.

6.    Show Her You Care

As said earlier, in the Vietnamese dating culture, the man is the sole provider for the family. So, things and changing with time, and today isn’t an exception. This way, when you go for Vietnamese single dating, don’t be surprised if she let you pay the first, and maybe she pays in the long run.

7.    Be a Perfect Gentleman

Let me ask you this question. If you’re a lady and you have a daughter, how would you want men to treat her? Do you have an answer? If yes, that’s how you’ll treat a Vietnamese lady. Be a gentleman, pay the food and drinks bills, the cab fare, and pull out a chair for her to sit down during the process.

8.       Try to Understand Her Culture

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

If you’re looking to get far with the Vietnamese lady, it would be better to learn about her culture if you’re not from the country. Now, I’m not saying that you should develop a love for her tradition, but you should know specific rules for people older than you and treat them right. This should be applicable if you’re coming from a Western nation such as the U.S and the U.K.

9.    Girls Do Most of the Chasing

In nearly all cultures, girls do most of the chasing. So, don’t fall in love to the extent that the lady would control your decision. This is because; if she can easily win you over, then in her mind, you aren’t valuable as she thinks you are. The harder you are to obtain, the more she loves you.

If possible, let her call and text you more than you call. This fact establishes the partner that has control over the relationship. Not only that, but if she also sees that you’re not doing it enough, then you’re on the right track. All you have to do is to increase a little bit more and then maintain it.

10. Don’t Rush to Get Married

Many men become mesmerized by how beautiful a Vietnamese girl looks, and instead, they rush to get married. If you’re just meeting the girl for the first time, ensure you know her background before you plan on getting married. If the lady keeps disturbing you about marriage, be careful and be wise to make the right decision.

Reasons Why Online Dating Is Awesome In Vietnam

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

Actually, you’ll notice that you can find some beautiful Vietnamese girls on Cupid, Tinder, and even on the Badoo platform. You’ll meet plenty of girls, but you’ll have to spend at least a few hours approaching them to find the ones that are brave enough. Without further ado, let’s walk you through the reasons.

Women Don’t Fake It

Online dating seems to be one of the best options to date a Vietnamese lady. Besides, the ladies tend to be more attractive in an actual meeting. So, don’t bother trying to meet girls that don’t seem interested. I think that’s why many guys end up having so many girls to choose from while going on their first date.

Clingy Behavior Is Acceptable

Unlike in the western world, you just show even an ounce of being clingy, and the girl runs from you. Here in Vietnam, expect the girl to want to know more about you. In fact, she might even be asking what you’re doing every hour and if you don’t reciprocate this behavior, expect her to get angry at you and accuse you of not caring about her life.

You Might Find It Difficult Offline

If you’re aiming to get a Vietnamese lady as an expat, doing that could be somewhat difficult. This is because; you may not have the time to see one. Sometimes, when they know that you’re an emigrant, they find it challenging to talk to you. But, if you can explore different outdoor activities and gatherings, you could find one. Meanwhile, online dating seems to be the best option to find the right one.

Very Easy to Get Started

This also contributes to one of the reasons to date a Vietnamese girl online. To start your journey on online dating, you only need your Smartphone/Computer and an internet connection. So, you either download the application or register on their website. After setting up your profile, you could meet different girls and select the one you think is okay to date.

Probability of Finding Your Match

As an emigrant entering the country for the first time, it won’t be nice if you start looking everywhere searching for a girl to date. Does that sound good? Of course, I’m sure you answered NO! That’s why; you need to navigate to a different platform to search for the right one. Moreover, the probability of finding your match will increase when you get comfortable with a conversation online.

How to Win a Vietnamese Woman’s

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

Vietnamese women combine a marvelous blend of cultures, historical backgrounds, and languages. So, if you want to win a Vietnamese woman, it would be better to be social and lively. That’s why you’ll see many foreign men dream about getting a girl from this beautiful country. Are you ready to meet one of them? If yes, continue reading as we will walk you through the process of winning the heart of one.

Express Your Education Status

A lady would always want you to express your background. While doing this, the first thing to put into consideration is your educational qualification. No Vietnamese girl would want to date an illiterate; that’s a secret revealed from my personal experience. So, if you’re going to impress a Vietnamese girl, always understand that education is the first. Besides, they like professions like doctors, teachers, and more.

Be Creative and Social

If you genuinely want to meet or win the heart of a Vietnamese lady, find yourself attractive, be creative, and as well social. Undoubtedly, Vietnamese women don’t give a chance to guys who like to provide them with unnecessary compliments such as, baby; you’re sexy, baby, you have beautiful eyes and others. So, it would be better to describe your favorite masterpiece and try to discover common inclinations.

Be Adventurous and Don’t Be Pushy

Don’t be too sex-focused on your first date. Also, don’t talk too much about intimacy if you don’t notice any flirting signs. This is because; Vietnamese ladies tend to be reserved with strangers until they know them better. Therefore, as a foreigner, take your time with communications and don’t manipulate her.

Show Gratitude and Concern

One of the first exciting facts about the Vietnamese dating culture is that local ladies are often reluctant to accept help and consider gratitude thereafter. Praising a stranger in their presence is often seen as a form of flattery or sometimes mockery. This way, be careful with compliments when you know each other not quite long. And besides, always express gratitude when a Vietnamese lady helps you.

Be Financially Sound

We would advise you to stay for at least three to one year in Vietnam before planning to find a girl to date. If you’re not careful, you may spend the whole of your money trying to impress a beautiful Vietnamese woman. So, make enough money and be financially buoyant before going into any dating.

In addition, the dating culture in the country is quite different from what you’ve been experiencing in the western world. Due to rampant poverty in the country, having wealth and financial resources is highly rated in Vietnam. This means, when you’re fighting tooth and nail to put food on the table, you should only care about survival. So, girls would instead marry guys with money than dating a broke guy.

Have a Good Fashion Sense

Vietnam is one country where you have no excuse for dressing poorly. Most local guys usually wear a t-shirt, and they expect you to imbibe their culture. On the flip side, if you dress like a normal guy or have a good fashion sense, you’ll easily stand out from all of those guys. This way, we advise you to get yourself a nice polo, dress wisely, smell nice, and you’re good to go.

Use Pre-selection and Lose the Gut

You’ll always have a crush if you meet series of Vietnamese women for the first time. That’s why it’s better to go through the pre-selection process before you hang out. Also, the pre-selection process for those that aren’t familiar with the basic layman’s terms is crucial to help them in the long run. Whether or not those girls are actually attracted to you if you have enough money.

FAQ About Dating a Vietnamese Women

If you’re dating a Vietnamese lady, there are several things to put into consideration. You’ll have to join an online platform to meet different girls while living as an expat in the country. To make your search more efficient, we have come up with the frequently asked questions and answers by expat in Vietnam.

Dating in Vietnam As An Expat

How can I impress a Vietnamese lady?

There are several ways to impress a Vietnamese lady. While you’re going on your first date, you can simply say a complimentary word like; I trust you implicitly, you’re good at what you do, you’re a good friend, I’ll always learn so much from you and others. These are the words to impress a Vietnamese.

How can I talk to a Vietnamese girl?

Since you guys have been discussing online, talking to one should be easy. You can start your conversation by saying; you’re beautiful. This might sound intimidating, but it can actually be the first thing to get into a lady in Vietnam. Vietnamese girls are always friendly and shy, so be free to talk to one.

Are happy Endings legal in the country?

Of course, yes! Happy endings are pretty legal in Vietnam. Unlike in other countries where the happy ending is most likely advertised legally, you can be satisfied marrying the person of your choice. So, if you start your conversation well, and it works out in the long run, you’re good.

Why do I need to date a Vietnamese girl?

If you’ve been wondering why you need to date a Vietnamese lady, worry less. Always know that Vietnamese women have a particular characteristic, and they are shy. You can easily win their heart if you play your game right. Also, they don’t drink, and they are very local if any girl could fall in love.

Do I need to hug on the first date?

The first date, you say, might be tricky. So, we advise you not to hug on a first date. Alternatively, you can greet each other by joining hands and bowing slightly to each other being the first time. However, in big cities, some men have adopted Western culture. But, be careful if you’re doing that first time.

Is it better to date in Thailand or Vietnam?

Well, the decision is yours! You can check our Thailand dating guides to compare what suits you. Meanwhile, both are stable and considered safe for traveling and dating. So, choose the kind of girl you want and explore the country.

Is it reasonable to leave your girl?

If we get the question right, it might seem impolite to leave the girl behind on the first date. Instead, show some respect by talking to her you’re about to leave. This is because; they may feel not respected while seeing them for the first time.


As there are plenty of apps used by locals to find beautiful Vietnamese women, you can also explore the platforms. By sheer luck, you may find your right partner. Nonetheless, it’s quite beneficial to refer to the expat guides in this article for tips for dating a Vietnamese girl. Check here for more updates!

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