Countries With The Best WiFi In The World

Countries With The Best WiFi In The World – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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WiFi is the first thing we inquire about before traveling, the top essential we ask the receptionist at a hotel or a fellow student at the library. Innovated to make the 21st century easy, WiFi will always be on our gratitude list for getting us through completing essays, concluding research, and finding the best fast food hub.

Thanks to wireless technology, we get to binge our favorite Netflix shows, stream our favorite songs and hop on the latest social media trends. However, WiFi is a top priority when traveling, as no one would want to travel to a destination to find out there’s no way to vlog or post your travel adventures.

Thus if you are currently sitting at your desk, drawing up your travel bucket list, you’ll probably want to include countries with the best WiFi in the world.  Except you are not a technology enthusiast, then go ahead and explore the world without the hassle of hunting for a WiFi spot.

Nonetheless, our smartphones will pick up every WiFi location in every country, notifying us about it. Most diners,  café, drugstores, gas stations, and even hospitals offer free public WiFi. After all, nothing draws in a customer better than a wireless connection where they can get a product and read up on the latest news simultaneously.

There are over 200 million WiFi services globally; nevertheless, there’s always the best bunch out of these 200 million, with a connection faster than Usain Bolt. Without further ado, let’s dive into the countries with the best WiFi in the world.

Countries With The Best WiFi In The World

Countries With the Best WiFi in the World


Singapore is one of the top countries with the best and fastest WiFi services globally, with major occupations that require digital services like banking and economic freedom being the order of the day in this country. There’s no reason Singapore shouldn’t take the accolade for having the best WiFi in the world.

A hub for tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Singapore prides itself as a favorite country for expats to soak in its bliss of rapid internet speed. The country tops other countries with an internet speed of 241.1 mb/s with an average download and upload speed of 9.49 and 5.41, respectively.


Aside from being a tourism hotspot, Taiwan is equipped with a fiber to the premises (FTTP) that supplies one of the world’s best and rapid internet connections.

The country boasts of an average download speed of 85.02 mb/s; thus, you can download your favorite movies within eight minutes. Being a country that relies on digital services, Taiwan strives to make its WiFi services rapid and convenient for the success and productivity of the country.


Nothing beats streaming your favorite anime in the country that produces it with a flash-speed internet connection. A hub for culture and tasty ramen, Japan boasts of a steady WiFi for its residents and guests.

The WiFi services in Japan have comprehensive coverage; whether it’s a pub, airport, hotel, or Starbucks, free and public WiFi is readily at your service. The average WiFi speed in Japan operates at 42.77 Mb/s.


Famous for its stunning landscapes and seaside scenery, Lithuania makes sure it’s everyone’s favorite country by providing top-notch WiFi services. Aside from being a dream destination for travelers, Lithuania caters to the internet needs of its residents and expats efficiently.

According to a survey by Rotten WiFi, a powerful internet speed checker, foreigners in Lithuania reported a high satisfaction level with free WiFi services. Year on year, the country increases the quality of its WiFi services, with the current average download and upload speed being 15.4 and 14.17 Mbps, respectively.


Croatia is one of the countries with the best WiFi in the world; in fact, every location in this country is equipped with free, public WiFi. Its stores, clinics, gas stations, transport stations are riddled with a fast internet connection, with an average download and upload speed of 14 and 11 Mbps.


Sweden is amongst the countries in the world that constantly upgrades its technological services, especially its WiFi services. Aside from its shops, airport, or restaurant, free public WiFi can be found in Sweden museums, libraries, and other tourist spots.

Equipped with apps like WiFi finder and WiFi map, locating a public WiFi service in Sweden wouldn’t be a hassle. Regardless of your location or country, these apps are efficient WiFi detectives. Sweden has an average download and upload speed of 7.9 and 9.29 mb/s.


A charming country of historic monuments, located along the borders of the Baltic sea in Northern Europe, Estonia offers one of the best WiFi globally. Estonia hasn’t backed down from technological innovations, and its internet services prove to the world that it is more than a small country tucked within Europe.

In 2005, the European country was the first to employ online voting; today, its WiFi services provide unlimited internet access to every location in the country, even within the woods. Estonia has an average download and upload speed of 14 and 12 mb/s, respectively.


There’s no doubt that once you become a Danish, you stay a Danish forever, named as the “most digitally connected country” worldwide, there’s no reason you’d want to leave this Denmark, as it is one of the countries with the best WiFi in the world.

Touching down the airport of Denmark, you won’t have a problem with taking the rest of your world on your travel chronicles as the internet connection can be found almost everywhere in the Scandinavian country.

When your device doesn’t pick up a WiFi service instantly, the WiFi finder app comes in handy, notifying you of the nearest free, public WiFi services within your location. Denmark has an average download and upload speed of 10.52 and 6.06 mb/s.

United Kingdom

Home to the royal monuments and tourist sites, the United Kingdom has one of the best WiFi services worldwide. Its internet connection is accessible everywhere within the country, making your stay in the European region a smooth ride.

However, not every location offers free WiFi; some hotels are likely to charge specific fees to access their internet services. It’s also crucial to make sure the WiFi service you are connected to is free, as it is a punishable offense in the UK to connect to a WiFi that isn’t tagged free. United kingdom has an average download and uploads internet speed of 10.97 and 5.26 mb/s.


 A hub to prominent museums, beaches, and mountains, accessing a WiFi connection is vital to share the beautiful scenery of this country with the rest of the world. The good news is WiFi services can be found at every location in Ireland.

The European island offers an excellent internet connection to its residents and guests, with a speed double that of the flash. Although most of the Irish businesses have free public WiFi, getting a coffee or buying a product is the only way to access the free WiFi.

However, a downside to this country’s wireless technology is that only the big cities have rapid WiFi services, while the small towns have slow WiFi quality. Downloading or uploading your favorite videos can be done at a speed of 11.43 and 5.2 mb/s.


Romania is one of those countries whose WiFi service is enough reason to make you start life afresh in the European country. In 2017, Romania took the 18th spot on the world’s fastest internet connection countries, at an average speed of 21.30 mb/s.

Aside from a fast-blazing internet connection, Romania has one of the cheapest broadband internet connections globally, priced at just 8 Euros per month.

Thus, Romania’s royal castles and palaces are not the only aspects that’ll leave you obsessed with the country, but its WiFi services at an average download and upload speed of 11.32 and 7.31 mb/s is enough reason to make your stay in the country permanent.


Hungary for WiFi? Satisfy your internet needs with the European country’s WiFi services, as Hungary prides itself on having the fastest internet connection in Central Europe.

The country is rapidly transforming its economic growth to a more digital transition. Hence, you can tour the country’s major tourist hotspot and document your travel chronicles with unlimited WiFi.

The Wiman WiFi app helps you locate top-notch WiFi services within the country, regardless of your location. You can download and upload files, videos, and songs in Hungary at an average speed of 10.37 and 4.03 Mb/s, respectively.


Chocolates, waffles, and renaissance buildings are not the only thing Belgium is famous for; the country snags a spot on the list of countries with the best WiFi in the world.

Transport stations, museums, parks, cafes are popular hotspots for WiFi; additionally, Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, has an official free WiFi network tagged “WiFi.Brussels.

The only requirement to accessing this WiFi is a simple registration and login, and voila! You can browse the internet with zero hassle. However, the downside to this internet service is you can only access it within the city.

Belgium has an average download and upload speed of 10.07 and 3.22 Mb/s.


The happiest country in the world snags a spot on this list, as almost all its amenities are free, including WiFi. Ranging from its northern lights to its natural scenery, there’s WiFi readily available in every location for you to bask into.

The country makes comfort its top priority by providing luxuries to its residents and expats, and one of the luxuries includes legalized internet access. You read right!

In 2010, Finland made access to the internet a legal right; although a traditional country, Finland has taken technological innovations to the next level, becoming one of the top countries with the fastest internet speed.

It has an average download and upload speed of 8.69 and 6.09 Mb/s.


A country situated on the Baltic Sea, tucked between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia boasts of exceptional WiFi services. Home to forests and medieval architectures and towns, Latvia is a hotspot for high-speed internet services.

Whether you are hunting in the woods or bingeing on its excellent pastries and coffee, WiFi is readily available at every location in Latvia. Brimming with 900+ hotspot locations, Latvia is one of the European countries with the best WiFi.

In Latvia, you can stream, download, and upload your favorite media file at an average speed of 8.46 and 8.43 Mb/s.


A hub for expats and tourist attractions requires a stable, rapid internet connection, and Switzerland takes the trophy for this qualities. WiFi is an accessible luxury at all locations in this country.

However, according to Swiss law, registration is mandatory before you can access any public WiFi in the country. The WiFi apps come in handy in helping you locate free, public WiFi.

Streaming a movie, playing a game, or working online, you can be assured of a hassle-free WiFi connection in Switzerland, specifically at an average speed of 8.67 and 3.9 Mb/s.


Portugal is famous for its football club and jaw-dropping cuisines and sceneries and thrives as one of the countries with excellent WiFi in the world. Ranging from its tourist attractions, malls, monuments to restaurants and cafes, it’s safe to say, finding WiFi in Portugal wouldn’t be a hassle.

The best part of this country is, during festivals and special events, they strive to increase the speed of the internet and double-up the hotspot locations for residents and foreigners to browse unlimitedly. Its average download and upload speed is at 7.43 and 2.55 Mb/s.


Home to the best maple syrup, northern lights, and stunning sceneries, Canada includes a top-notch WiFi service to its list of exceptional qualities. Nordicity reports that the WiFi telecommunication industry plays a signing role in the country’s economic growth.

However, a downside to Canada’s internet services is the fast speed level is mainly limited to major cities as rural communities lack stable and rapid WiFi services.

Nonetheless, free, public WiFi can be found almost everywhere in the cities, with an average speed level of 7.16 and 3.32 Mb/s.


Although Germany has limited free, public WiFi, it still has one of the best WiFi globally; however, its internet access can’t par with other countries earlier mentioned as most of its WiFi services are either paid or absent.

It can be a little frustrating residing at a hotel that charges a high amount to access their WiFi, and worse is realizing the hotel has no WiFi. Regardless of these shortcomings, you can be assured of a speedy internet connection, whether free or paid.

Germany has an average download and upload speed level of 7.96 and 2.95 Mb/s.

United States of America

The USA always has a spot on the list of countries with the best WiFi in the world; however, it has no competition with either of the countries as its WiFi services are on an average level.

Nonetheless, WiFi is available at every restaurant, café, bar, airport, etc., although some hotels charge a certain amount to access their WiFi. The USA also offers free WiFi on buses, planes, and trains, although setting your devices to airplane mode is a necessity for planes.

However, most of these hotels or transport services specify if they offer free or paid WiFi; hence if you are looking for free WiFi,  always do your research before booking either of the options. The USA has an average download and upload speed of 6.89 and 4.37 mb/s.

How To Speed Up WiFi

Although these top 20 countries are the best options for accessing good WiFi services globally, there are certain times when traveling that your internet connection could go from fast to agonizingly slow. So, how do you speed up public WiFi? Let’s dive into the steps.

1.       Switch on Your Cellular and WiFi Connection Simultaneously

Now that might sound off; after all, the purpose of using WiFi is to save up your cellular data connection, especially if you are in a foreign country; however when a public WiFi goes off or gets slow, in the middle of sending an email or watching. A YouTube video, it can get frustrating.

Thus, if your cellular data connection is switched on the same time your WiFi is on, the cellular connection can reinforce your internet access; hence you don’t go through the stress of finding a suitable public WiFi.

2.       Back up your WiFi Connection with a VPN

A disadvantage of using unsecured public WiFi is your devices are at the risk of being hacked and your personal information stolen. This is where VPNs come in to save the day by protecting your WiFi connection from interruption and securing your device and data from cyber theft.

3.       Install WiFi Connectivity Apps

Fortunately, there are life-saving apps that can tell you the speed and strength status of public WiFi. Some of these WiFi connectivity apps are also capable of strengthening a WiFi connection through bandwidths.

All you need to do is head on to your Play or App Store and install these apps on your devices; some of these apps include; Fing, Scany, WiFi Monitor, etc.

Internet Laws to Keep in Mind when Traveling

Having access to public WiFi can be exciting; however, some countries have specific internet guidelines crucial to keep in mind. Thus, always do your research about a country’s internet restrictions before embarking on the trip.

1.     Social Media Restriction

Certain countries have placed a ban or restriction on specific social media platforms. For example, countries like China and North Korea have placed a ban on Facebook for their residents.

Hence, if you constantly need to stay updated with your loved ones or the world, you should keep a backup plan in case your desired country has restrictions.

Countries With The Best WiFi In The World

2.       VPN Restrictions and Bans

VPNs are not only solid data protectors, but they also enable you to change your IP address to that of a different country. VPNs come in handy when there’s a restriction on websites or social media platforms; however, countries like China, Iraq, and North Korea have discovered this tactic, thus banning VPN.

3.       Surveillance

It’s no news that most countries have adopted artificial intelligence to keep track of their residents’ internet activity. Some of these countries include; US, Japan, China, Germany, etc. Hence if you are strict with your privacy, do your research on the country’s surveillance law before booking the flight.

4.     Internet Access Restrictions

Yes, internet access restriction is a thing, and no, it isn’t the same as being grounded by your parents. Some countries place restrictions on some websites or products, limiting your search result when exploring a country.

If you prefer a country with Internet neutrality whereby you can access any content you desire, you need to up your research skills to find a country that suits you.

5.       Speech Limitations

Voicing your opinion can be verbal or written, without limitations as the right to freedom of speech states. Nonetheless, if you are a journalist or a blogger, remember that not every country allows all kinds of speech.

Some countries might be against a specific type of article or speech movement, hence staying conscious of these limitations.

World’s Fastest Internet

Although the top 20 countries earlier mentioned are famous WiFi hubs, none takes the accolades like NASA. Nasa runs at a connection speed of 91 gigabytes, 13,000 times faster than any WiFi connection.

Now, you might be wondering if there’s a way to access NASA’s WiFi; unfortunately, there’s no plane or train to access its WiFi services. Except, you want to become a permanent resident of space, Nasa’s WiFi is protected solidly by firewalls.

However, NASA’s fast WiFi connection wasn’t created for its staff to play fortnight or binge-watch “Friends,”  but rather it prevents tasks from being interrupted and hinders the delay of transferring private data and files across the globe.


If your job has you constantly on the move or perhaps, you are trying to beat Dora at exploring the world, staying connected to the world is a necessity. Traveling to a country with poor WiFi services can be daunting, hence why our list of countries with the best WiFi in the world is an essential guide to enjoying your stay in either of these countries.

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