Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK part 1 – Cheapest Place To Buy a House

Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The best time to consider your financial situation is when you are moving to a new country.


When you think of buying a home in the UK, do you picture yourself living somewhere rural but close enough to commute into London for work? Do you want to be able to travel by train every day? Or do you prefer somewhere with plenty of green space around?

As with all major decisions, it is important to think about your options and the facts before committing to anything. If you are seriously considering moving into a new house, there is no time like the present; we recommend checking out these great deals right now.

Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK

So, where can you find the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK? Well, firstly, let’s talk about some of the things you might consider when picking an area. If you are on a budget, perhaps you want somewhere with plenty of green space around or somewhere very rural with low crime rates.

Perhaps what you are looking for is somewhere you can commute easily and regularly into the city. Perhaps you want to be suited and booted in five minutes? Or you would like a big mansion with space for all of your friends and family.

In fact, maybe that’s not what you’re looking for at all. So, here we bring you some of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK. Before that, let’s quickly walk you through the factors to consider when picking an area. Are you ready to explore? Let’s begin!

Factors to Consider When Picking an Area

Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK

If you’re looking to move, one of the things you’ll want to consider is where in the world you’d like to live. While this seems straightforward on its face, it’s actually a fairly complicated process with many factors to consider.

This article will outline 10 such factors that can help guide your decision-making process.

Job Availability

One of the biggest things to consider is how relevant a location’s job market is to your specific interests and skillset. If you’re a web developer looking to move to a new city, chances are you’ll want a location with plenty of tech jobs available. On the other hand, if you’re interested in working in the fashion industry, you’ll probably want to look at cities known for fashion, like New York or Milan.


How close do you want to be to family, friends, and other support structures? Most people have a ‘comfort zone’ within which they feel most comfortable living. That means that if your best friend is an hour away, that might feel pretty far.

On the other hand, if your best friend lives on the other side of the world, then an hour might not seem like that big of a distance at all – and you may even enjoy talking to them over Skype often. So it’s important, to be honest with yourself about these types of things before you pick a city to live in.


Everyone has certain preferences about what kind of climate they like. Some people hate the cold and would much rather live in tropical climates where it’s warm all year round (or at least for most of the year). Others might prefer living somewhere that gets harsh winters where snow is plentiful (even though they don’t like cold weather). So you must pick a climate that you enjoy.


Safety is obviously an extremely important factor to consider, especially if you’re moving alone (which is more common among young adults than older people). Even if your safety isn’t at risk for whatever reason (like, even if you’re a guy in a neighborhood that’s known for being safe), it is something to think about.

Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK


This may seem like an odd factor to consider, but it’s actually extremely important in the long run. If you live in a city where everyone has one job and lives with their parents until they get married, this may not feel like the best place to be. Try to consider whether you’re moving somewhere that people would enjoy living – even if you won’t (and vice versa).


Another seemingly odd factor, but fashion is also important. Wherever you move will likely have certain popular styles – and you should probably try to fit in so that people don’t treat you like an outsider (it’s uncomfortable). So consider where the ‘cool kids’ hang out and make sure you find out what kind of fashion they have.


While this factor is obviously a very important one – it usually goes hand in hand with the job market and things like proximity to support structures. But sometimes people may want to move somewhere where everything costs more, even if there aren’t any jobs available or the weather isn’t desirable. You should think about what you want out of a living situation and how certain important factors are before moving to any city.


If you have children, it’s definitely something to consider as well. This goes hand-in-hand with the cost factor as well as proximity to support structures, but it may be even more important if your children are still young. You may want to look for a city with good schools or an area where the crime rate is low if your children are very young.


You may also want to consider culture – some people love living somewhere that has lots of history and interesting things to see while others would prefer living someplace modern. So if you know what you like, it’s important to look for a place where you can get that.


Lastly, some people may care more about the food wherever they’re moving – or even if they can find restaurants that serve their favorite foods (or at least really good versions of them). If this is really important to you, make sure you consider it before moving to a new city.

Cheapest Areas to Buy a Property in the UK

Welcome to the UK. A country rich with history, culture, and natural beauty! Not to mention an economy thriving once again, making now a great time to consider buying property here. If you are thinking of buying a home in the UK, there are plenty of options, but what are the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK?

To get to the bottom of this question, we need to ask what makes a cheap area. The price of a property in terms of average salaries is perhaps one way of considering affordability, and we should look at areas where the average wage is low. Not to worry, we will walk you through the cheapest area to buy a property.

South Central – The Cotswolds

Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK

The Cotswolds is full of many great areas for those who want to move to nice rural surroundings with relatively low crime rates and proximity to commuting routes into cities such as Oxford and Swindon. There are plenty of quaint towns and villages to choose from, with easy access to public transport.

North East – County Durham

If you are considering an area in the UK but away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life, then County Durham may be right for you. It is one of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK. This area also happens to be the greenest in the country.

Yorkshire – Ryedale

Homes in Ryedale are plentiful, and prices are very competitive, making it one of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK. The varied terrain provides easy access to the whole of Yorkshire, making this an ideal place to live for those who work in Scarborough, York, and Harrogate.

West Midlands – Dudley

Home to the Black Country Park, there are plenty of green spaces all over Dudley making it one of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK. This area is incredibly popular because your money will go further here than anywhere else.

Wales – Blaenau Gwent

Located along the border of England and Wales is Blaenau Gwent, one of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK. Situated just outside Cardiff and Newport, this area has beautiful countryside and picturesque scenery, perfect for walking, cycling, and outdoor activities.

North West – Tameside

Located just outside of Manchester, this area has some beautiful views and plenty of green space too, which makes it one of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK. The homes are relatively cheap here, so if you are thinking about moving with your family, then it is most definitely worth taking a look at.

Scotland – Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire is a popular choice for those who want to live close to the city of Aberdeen and one of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK! This area has plenty of green space and stunning coastlines, perfect for walks and outdoor activities.

East of England – North Hertfordshire

North Hertfordshire is a popular choice for those looking to move close to London but outside of the expensive price tag that comes with it. It is not as well-known as some other areas in the UK, so property prices are currently very low, and there is plenty of green space around.

Pembrokeshire – Wales

This Welsh county is near the Atlantic Ocean and is very popular with tourists. It features a rugged coastline and natural beauty unrivaled by anything else in the UK. This coastal county has stunning beaches and sleepy fishing villages combined with historical castles and attractions like Folly Farm, home to over 1,000 animals worldwide, such as meerkats, kangaroos, monkeys, and penguins.

There are plenty of activities to keep visitors occupied in Pembrokeshire, including kayaking, mountain biking, boat trips to local islands, and whale watching tours. This is also possibly the best place for surfing in Wales with many world-class beaches, so it’s no wonder that this county has become a popular tourist destination.

Wrexham – North Wales

Wrexham is a unitary authority area situated in the northeast of Wales. It’s actually closer to Chester than it is to Cardiff, being just over 20 miles from the Welsh border. The county town of Wrexham has a population of around 63,000, and there are other towns within Wrexham, including Llangollen, Ruabon, and Chirk.

Wrexham is surrounded by beautiful Welsh countryside with stunning mountains like Moel Famau, which looks down over the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are several notable landmarks in Wrexham, including Belmont water tower, Wynnstay Hall – a 17th Century mansion and the Market Hall – a Victorian market building.

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