Best pre-school and nurseries in Dubai part 1

Best pre-school and nurseries in Dubai part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The state of the United Arab Emirates, UAE, is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. There are large oil fields in the country. This, thanks to the correct policy of the authorities, provides the region with a luxurious and prosperous life. A huge number of tourists come here to see the Arab miracle. The center of tourism of the Emirates is the city of Dubai.

Best pre-school and nurseries in Dubai

Something interesting is constantly happening here: unusual ultra-modern structures are being built, artificial snow resorts are being erected, tall skyscrapers appear. The flow of those wishing to see paradise and live in it does not end.

But it’s not that simple. The beautiful carefree life in the region has both positive and negative aspects. Sometimes, the opinions of people who have visited the country are diametrically opposed. Someone talks about it with enthusiasm, someone with hostility, others try to give an objective assessment.

This article aims to show the good as well as the bad side of how foreign citizens live in the UAE. After we will discuss the best preschool and nurseries in Dubai, that can be a good option for expat kids. After all, a beautiful outer cover sometimes hides a lot of flaws. To avoid such surprises and have an idea of ​​life in the country, you should familiarize yourself with the facts below. As usual in old parables, let’s start with the good news.

The main pros of living in the UAE

Best pre-school and nurseries in Dubai

What attracts people to the UAE

  • Economic stability. Actually, this is one of the main features, that ensures a good quality life in the region. Prices do not jump, which is due to the constant exchange rate of the local currency over the years. A loyal tax policy is aimed at the inflow of foreign capital, moreover, these are the constant investments and jobs, that play an important role for economic progress.
  • Ample opportunities. More than 9 million people live on the territory of the state. 70% of them are foreigners. The indigenous people hardly work, so there are great prospects for foreign workers. Top-tier specialists receive high salaries. For people full of energy, there are great opportunities for successful career growth and business development. A big number of bonuses are also provided: profitable medical insurance, a trip home, sometimes renting a house, using a car, and much more at the expense of the company.
  • Health care system. Huge sums are allocated for the development of medicine. Medical care is one of the best here, because the latest developments in this area are applied. It is free for the local population. Working foreigners take out annual health insurance. The cost of the insurance package is different, but this does not affect the quality of service.
  • Tax policy. Taxes are provided only for companies producing oil and other minerals, as well as for foreign banks. Therefore, the UAE is called a tax haven. There are no taxes on business, personal income, or wages. All money goes to accounts without deductions. So you don’t have to worry about taxes.
  • No crime. Emirates is an Islamic state. Sharia law is in force here. The rigidity and exactingness of the legislative system led to a safe life in the country. On the streets, video cameras are installed everywhere, recording any violation. Strict adherence to established norms gives residents and guests of the country the opportunity not to worry about forgotten wallets, lost accessories, thefts and car thefts.
  • Developed tourist base. More than 10 million tourists visit Dubai every year. This brings a decent income to the treasury. Therefore, the government is doing everything to make people feel comfortable. Beautiful comfortable beaches, round-the-clock service, a lot of entertainment venues, huge shopping centers do not leave indifferent vacationers and working foreigners.
  • Inexpensive cars. There is a huge amount of transport in the Emirates. This is due to the fact that the country has cheap gasoline. Hence the relatively low prices for cars. A car that has served 2 – 3 years is considered old. Therefore, cars are changed here often. The registration of the sale and purchase is fast and without delay.
Best pre-school and nurseries in Dubai

The main cons of living in the UAE

What makes life difficult for foreigners in the Emirates:

  • Climate. The heat, unusual for guests, is the first minus. After all, the main territory of the state is a hot desert, the second largest by area after the Sahara. In summer, the thermometer often stands at around 50 ° C, in winter, a more comfortable temperature: 20 – 30 ° C. Frequent sandstorms also annoy, when it is impossible to leave the house. It almost never rains here. Once a year, maybe two. But there are heavy showers, floods.
  • Features of traditions and laws. Islam is practiced in the UAE. This should always be remembered. The legal framework is Sharia law, which is harsh and unyielding. Therefore, before you go there, study them carefully. Extramarital affairs, use, distribution of drugs and pornography, propaganda of atheism or missionary work of other religions, homosexual relations are strictly punishable, up to the death penalty. Theft, indecent behavior, rudeness are suppressed on the spot. Huge fines are imposed for non-observance of the elementary rules of cleanliness. During the month of Ramadan, during the fasting period, many cafes and restaurants are closed during the day so as not to tempt the fasting. For a free-thinking foreign tourist, some moments of life in the Emirates are shocking.
  • Citizenship. There is no way to become a citizen of this state. There are no privileges. Foreign entrepreneurs set up businesses that are expensive to register. Having received a visa for 3 years, they renew their license every year. Many people come to work. The employer pays for and issues a work visa. If there is no work, you will not be able to stay here under any circumstances.
  • Labor discrimination. As in many countries, when hiring foreigners for work, Arab employers prefer specialists from Europe and America. They are paid solid salaries and are treated with respect. It is considered normal here that people in equal positions receive different salaries due to nationality. Immigrants from Asia, work in heavy, low-paid jobs. Spoiled citizens of the country treat them as second-class people.
  • Bureaucratic delays. The East, as the hero of the famous film said, is a delicate matter. Despite the comfortable living, the local bureaucracy is annoying. Making out the next documents, you have to constantly remind you of your existence. Do not hope or expect that the papers will be ready by the specified deadline. Always call, walk, contact until you get what you wanted.
  • Expensive real estate. Due to the large influx of people, many residential buildings are being built here. Their prices are much higher than in other countries. This is due to the fact that foreign investors are investing their capital in local real estate. Therefore, the cost of housing is constantly growing. Residential rentals are also expensive. As a result, a substantial part of the income goes to pay for rented living space.
  • Family question. Expensive and cloudless life in the UAE attracts many. But it is not available to everyone. Young couples with children who want to earn money should know that maintaining and raising children is not cheap in this country. Education, child development, medical care all cost a lot of money for foreign workers. It is often necessary to hire a nanny to look after the child while the parents are working. These are additional costs, among others.

Life in any country has its pluses and minuses. And the UAE is no exception. It all depends on the person. If he is interested in work and career, decent wages and living conditions. If he is energetic and focused on fulfilling his plans, then this country will be an excellent stepping stone towards the goal. And acquaintance with a new culture always enriches the inner world of a person. But before you go there, study all the material about this state, talk with those who have been there in order to be prepared for various situations.

Is Dubai a good place for expats?

For many, emigration to the UAE is an excellent opportunity to start a new stage in life and enjoy the comfort. But behind the luxury and carelessness lies a harsh reality. After all, moving to the Emirates is not so easy.

But the authorities of the Emirates are prudent, therefore the legal framework is strict in relation to immigrants. There is not a single loophole to get around her rules.

When you think of leaving your home country for foreign lands, quite typical questions arise: where and why? There are a huge number of states in the world, and each has specific features.

It is worth moving to the United Arab Emirates for several reasons:

  • Lack of crime and, accordingly, a high level of security. Compliance with the legal framework is monitored by strict police officers. In the Emirates, throwing garbage outside the trash can face a large fine, and for more serious crimes – deportation and, at times, the death penalty. Corruption is completely absent;
  • State concern for the population from the first to the last minute of life. The social sphere is constantly undergoing reforms to create comfortable living in the country for both indigenous people and foreigners;
  • Climate. Many people dream of living all year round in the summer. The Emirates is the perfect place to do this.

For a comfortable stay, the local authorities have equipped literally every meter with air conditioning: they are even at the bus stop. According to statistics, there are three air conditioners for every inhabitant;

  • Income. The Emirates have one of the highest wages in the world;
  • Tax area. Residents practically do not pay duties, but the state does not complain about the lack of funds in the budget. The treasury is replenished through effective work and improvement of the country’s economy. The UAE is a paradise for offshore investors. There is no tax on real estate and its lease in the country.
  • Property prices in Dubai in the UAE in 2021 start at $ 130,000. You can buy hotel apartments that the hotel will rent for you. You are guaranteed to receive 7-10% per annum in foreign currency.
  • Apartments in Dubai, which are located in the city center on the Marina Mall or near the Burj Khalifa tower, are in high demand among tourists who travel to the country all year round.

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