Best Party Cities For Young Expats part 1 – 10 Best Party Cities for Young Expats

Best Party Cities For Young Expats part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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One of the reasons why people decide to become expats is because they want to travel and experience different cultures.  Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Mexico offer a wide range of destinations for young expats looking for fun places to live.

Best Party Cities For Young Expats

For example, if you are moving to Mexico, you’ll want to check out the best party cities for young expats. Mexico is an incredible country with amazing food, friendly people, and wonderful weather.  However, if you are looking for nightlife during your stay in this fascinating country, you might find yourself a bit disappointed.

Some places are considered the best party destinations for expats. One of them is Cancun, a Mexican resort that offers everything you need to have fun all night long. If you are looking for more opportunities to socialize, consider moving to other places.  Zihuatanejo is another great place to check out.

Here you’ll find many perfect places for meeting new people and having fun with your friends. In just a few seconds, we’ve talked about two cities. Well, that’s why we’ve compiled this article! Not to talk about two cities but to tell you about the best party cities for young expats in the world.

I’m sure you’d love to make new friends as an expat or even find your right significant other, right? Let’s get started as we’ve got you covered here.

10 Best Party Cities for Young Expats

Best Party Cities For Young Expats

Every young expatriate knows that moving abroad isn’t just about the new culture, different languages, and exotic food. It’s also about partying hard in some of the world’s best clubs, bars, pubs, and bars! So, where are there the best party cities to live in for young expats? Many are surprised by which makes it onto our list; some are not. Let’s start with these ten.

Stockholm, Sweden

Best Party Cities For Young Expats

Stockholm is a city for those who enjoy the colder climates – there are even bars situated in ice-holes! The nightlife of this Swedish capital is eclectic and diverse, with everything from hip-hop to pop, rock to techno. It might not have the crazy, larger-than-life parties of Ibiza or Mykonos, but it’s a top choice for those who are more down-to-earth.

Dating in Stockholm, Sweden

This is popular, and it’s not difficult to find someone to share that first drink with. The Swedes are friendly and love a chat. We recommend you try Whiskey Sour (if you like whiskey) or Absolut Blue (a wheat beer). Of course, you can be the right person in a coffee shop or bookstore, but if you’re outgoing enough, give the pub/bar scene a try.

Wellington, New Zealand

Best Party Cities For Young Expats

Wellington is named one of the ‘party capitals’ of the world by Conde Naste Traveller. It has long been popular amongst those who enjoy a relaxed party scene, not to mention some of the best night skies in the world. With more clubs per capita than New York City, this is one place with a huge variety of venues to choose from.

Dating in Wellington, New Zealand

If you’re in Wellington, then forget about the ‘dating’ for a while and embrace the party! The New Zealand nightlife scene, in general, is awesome. But, if you head to Auckland or Queenstown, it’ll be even better. But there are plenty of great bars here too. As for meeting someone? Well, that’s up to you. But it’s probably easier than online dating if you’re shy.

Barcelona, Spain

‘Having a beer is a national sport in Spain, and there’s no denying that Barcelona is one of the top cities in Europe to indulge in some serious lager-loutism! The nightlife of Barcelona’s F.C. Barcelona stadium will leave you with memories that even your grandkids can enjoy, but there are plenty of underground haunts that only the locals know about.

Dating in Barcelona, Spain

If you’re more of a beer-vodka kind of person, then Barcelona is the place to be. If coffee shops are your thing, then you’ll find plenty here too. But they’re not really the sort of bars where you can strike up a conversation with someone nearby. Get down to some clubs or bars, and it’s much easier.

However, if you want to date in Barcelona, it can be difficult. The girls are gorgeous, and the guys don’t hold back in showing their interest. But you’ll need to go out regularly and gain some style to pull ahead of the crowd.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There’s a reason why Buenos Aires was named the sexiest city in the world. This Argentinian capital is famous for its incredible nightlife – from theatres and cinemas to live music pubs, this city has it all! Transvestite cabarets, one-of-a-kind bars and secret discos ensure that there’s always something going on in Buenos Aires – providing you can handle the late nights.

Dating in Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you’re into dating, then Buenos Aires has got to be on your list. Latin American women are famous for their sensuality, and being so close to Brazil means that Portuguese is widely spoken. Surrounded by so much beauty, it’s easy to find yourself a date!

In terms of dating, Buenos Aires is a mixed bag. There’s not as much choice as other Latin countries, but there are some great bars and clubs here. In fact, you might struggle to drag yourselves out of bed in the morning! But we would recommend sticking to more ‘local’ venues, rather than international ones. And don’t forget to brush up on your Spanish.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s capital city is one of the most populated in the world, and its sprawling eyesores stretch for miles. One thing that doesn’t spread out, however, is the party hotspots! Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with gusto here, and it seems like the entire city comes out to play.

Regularly hosting some of the most exciting and vibrant parties in Latin America, Mexico City is a must-visit for those who want something more than just tacos and tequila.

Dating in Mexico City, Mexico

If you’re in Mexico City, forget about dating and get onto the party! This city is a microcosm of Mexican culture. Whether you want to enjoy some traditional music whilst sipping on margaritas or dance ’til dawn at one of the clubs, there’s something for everyone here. It doesn’t get much better than this, and if you’re heading to Cancun, we recommend making Mexico City your first stop!

As for dating in Mexico City? Well, it’s not as easy as other Latin countries. The local women are beautiful, and there are plenty of choices. But usually, they want to chat in Spanish or Portuguese – so brush up on your lingo before attempting to chat anyone up!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The first thing that everyone thinks of when they hear “Brazilian party” isn’t samba, carnival, or choro (a type of traditional Brazilian music) but the Samba School Parade. If you want to be at the very heart of this Brazilian tradition, then living in Rio de Janeiro is an absolute must! The city offers something for everyone, from colorful street parties to sophisticated nightclubs and everything in-between.

Dating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is definitely one of the best places to find love in Brazil! The locals are friendly, and there’s so much choice that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Brazilian women are gorgeous but expect plenty of competition. You’ve got to try your luck here, but Rio is a great place to do it!

Prepare yourself for some intense competition, though. Dating in Rio de Janeiro is easy but not necessarily straightforward. The local women are incredibly beautiful – so be prepared to have “competition.” And don’t bother trying to chat up the guys!

Dublin, Ireland

Few cities in the world have as much history attached to them as Dublin. Famed for its literary roots, this Irish capital is now also known for its penchant for partying hard – just ask Bonnie Tyler! The pub culture here is one of the best things about Dublin, and many young expats claim that it’s a little piece of home.

Dating in Dublin, Ireland

If you’re thinking of making Dublin your home, it would be worth taking a leaf out of the local book when it comes to dating. The Irish are known for settling down young, so don’t expect too much choice! But if you do want to meet your match in Ireland, then head straight to the pub.

The great thing about dating in Dublin is that pub culture is definitely still alive and kicking. The Irish definitely don’t do things by halves – so expect plenty of competition when hitting the town. If you want to bag yourself an Irish man or woman, then try your luck at one of the city’s most popular places, Whelans on Wexford Street.

Los Angeles, USA

LA is the city that never sleeps – and for a good reason too! Some of the most iconic celebrities have been spotted at LA’s biggest bars and clubs; from Rihanna to Madonna, there isn’t much this city doesn’t have going on. However, as with anything as big as this, you have to be prepared for a little bit of attitude. If you can handle the Hollywood highlight reel, LA is perfect for having fun between shoots!

Dating in Los Angeles, USA

Dating in Hollywood is not for the faint-hearted! The city is so big, and there’s no such thing as a dull night out – which makes it all the more difficult to find your perfect match.

If you want to get lucky, then you’ll have to be prepared to mix with some of the biggest names in showbiz. To bag yourself a date with an A-lister (and not just someone who looks like one), then head to the hottest bars and clubs – The Abbey, Catch LA, or Hooray Henry’s.

New York City, USA

In a city where everything constantly changes in a matter of days – including the skyline – it’s no wonder that NYC makes our list! The clubs here are legendary, and it’s hard to choose from amongst the array of high-class venues that line up either side of the East River. With a city as big as this, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll never have to travel far for a party.

Dating in New York City, USA

If you’re lucky enough to bag yourself a New York date, then you’ll be in for a real treat! But if you want to get lucky and find your perfect match in Big Apple, be prepared for hard work. The competition is high, and most people seem to be on the prowl, so you’ve got to up your game if you really want to bag yourself a date.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is fast becoming one of the top clubbing hotspots in Europe due to its hedonistic nature. The city has the longest party season in Europe, with over five hundred clubs, bars, and cafes opening their doors each year! As well as having something for everyone, Berlin’s nightlife offers one of the most diverse scenes on this planet – so whatever your poison is – you can be sure of finding it here.

Dating in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is home to some of the most open-minded people in the world, and its party scene reflects this! The Germans are known for partying hard and if you’re lucky enough to bag yourself a date with a local, make sure you take it easy on them. The city’s nightlife runs from Thursday through Sunday, so you don’t have long before your date is dancing on the tables.

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