Best International Schools In Jeddah

Best International Schools In Jeddah – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Are you in search of a good international school for your child staying around Jeddah? This shouldn’t pose any problem as there are many international schools, all with different and unique features, located in Jeddah. They do not have different features only; they also possess various beliefs and teaching systems as well.

Currently, the only thing that can pose a problem is the millions of online content, talking about international schools in Jeddah without elaborately providing their features and teaching system.

Not to worry, we are going to provide you with that and much more in this article. Scroll in to find out the top international schools in Jeddah. This will go a long way for you in making the best decision for your children.

1.    Novel International school

Novel International school was founded on the 10th of September 2006, and it is located at Jameel Bin Moaner Streer, Thahlita, Al Rehab District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They have their license under Saudi Arabia’s Ministry Of Education with 258/D as its license number.

Best International Schools In Jeddah

If you search for a school that holds quality education in high esteem and strives always to provide this for all its students, then this is surely your best bet. The novel International school has all it takes to care of students with different backgrounds from all over the world.

The dream is to educate the leaders of tomorrow and help them achieve a bright tomorrow in the best and most conducive environment. Male and females have their buildings in separate places; with both places equipped with standard equipment that will keep any student’s smartness was to the brim.

Novel International school’s motto is “provide quality learning for better use.” In the history of this school, they haven’t fallen short of the dream, with we’ll educated staffs that are super capable of ensuring that the school doesn’t fall or operate below this standard.

Presented now, as of 2021, the leadership of this school is under MR Mohammed Shafeeque. The year group ranges from KG 1 to grade 10, and they operate under a mixed-gender co-education. Their school fees are between SAR 500-800 annually, and the breakdown of this fee is extensively explained on their website.

The novel International school comprises pupils from all around the world. This aligns with their mission of ensuring that students worldwide are disciplined, trained, and educated with the highest form of knowledge and morality. Students graduating from Novel International School usually show traits of this, and this has enabled them to fit in perfectly in societies and workplaces of good reputation.

This school offers a CBSE curriculum because it is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi, India, with 5730020 as its affiliation number. Before the final admission of any student into this school, an induction ceremony is usually organized.

After this, newly admitted students are now free to attend regular classes. The induction ceremony aims to acclimatize parents and their wards to the newly revised CBSE curriculum. After this, regular classes for a new academic year begin.

2.     Future generation international school

This top-notch international school teaches its students based on the British syllabus and curriculum. Their class grade ranges from KG1 till the class of Grade-III, with all the KG classes been taught in line with the Montessori model of teaching.

The Montessori model of teaching is a popular and very efficient learning process. Students learn and do projects in groups for the main essence of learning how to work as an efficient team member while learning how to cope and develop a strong team spirit.

This also ensures that every student is confident enough to make well-groomed and works class oral presentations. All these features are imbibed in students daily, and smart electronic boards have made the job easier and more fun. Holistic education is a top-notch way of learning, and every student should be given a chance to experience this.

This is because it enables the child to learn individual responsibility, creativeness, and critical reasoning as well. Lucky for you, the Future generation international school provides you with this and much more.

Many educative programs have been set up by the school authority to polish their learning further and sharpen their thinking faculty as well. One such program is the “Writers in the School” program, abbreviated as WITS.

The WITS program was set up to help the students and their game in the aspect of writing. It helps them improve their skills in sentence fluency, creative word selections, explicit organization, and all other notable skills in the aspect of language art. From time to time instructions are given, plus time to go through and implement all these newly learned techniques. A bonus tip for all students is that it is a long term program, so students can calmy learn with no time pressure

Another program that was organized to help students pinpoint and develop their special gifts and talents is the “Gifted student’s educational program.” This educational and ambitious scheme assists students in realizing what their gifts are. Once their gifts have been identified, special teams are put in place to properly groom everyone until they become more polished and perform better at their talent opportunities.

Future generation international school is a co-education school of mixed genders, and students pay an amount of SAR 14500-17500 per annum as their fees. At Future generation international school, students who are interested in learning the Arabic language are properly taught by well-experienced and certified Arab teachers.

This is to ensure that students learn from the best and proficient teachers. The same goes for students that will learn Quran recitations and moral science. Excellently qualified and certified recites have being employed to improve the learning experience of students.

3.    American International School of Jeddah

American International School was birthed in 1952, and it is presently (in 2021) under the leadership of Dr. Parwaiz Khalid, who is presently the acting chairperson. It is a mixed co-education gender school with grades ranging from KG to Grade 12 and an annual fee of SAR 36552-75180.

This school has its address in Abdullah Ibm Didan, Al-Zahra’a Jeffsh, Saudi Arabia. American international school of Jeddah offers a high- American education to keep the quest for knowledge in students high.

They are not concerned only about the curriculum students are taught; they are also interested in untiring students in extracurricular and social activities as of September 2006, so that these students will display excellence in all ramifications of life.

This also enables students to be bolder, confident, and ready to face the realities of life after their graduation. AISJ, since its inception, strictly follows the American teaching curriculum and follows a holistic technique as well.

This school is indeed a gathering of brilliantly passionate scholars who are deeply focused on attaining the highest height of knowledge and discovery to impart the world and bring about global changes that can make the world a better place to live in. As of 2018/19, a new chapter was recorded in this school as the construction of their new campus became a reality.

This new campus construction has further made them stand out among all their competitors as well. One of this school’s biggest dreams is to operate on a very standard and high-quality American education so that there will be no excuse for anyone not to pursue their dreams or become a globally successful person.

American international school of Jeddah sees being a unique community committed to instilling excellence in all its ramifications in their student. They strongly believe that in these strong points:

  •  Respect is a basic foundation in building positive relationships,
  • Honesty and integrity is a strong virtue that helps one and the society at large to experience trust and transparency
  • Cultivating the habit of helping people and one another enhances personal growth and serves as a great developmental advantage to the community and society at large.
  • Giving room for cultural diversity affects the people directly by helping every person to enhance relationships.
  • Being committed and passionate to a good cause adds much more meaning to life. It helps to inspire, empower and motivate one the more.
  • Quality education is a gift, as much as ignorance is a disease.
  • Team spirit and effective communication are two constants that will make a school community keep experiencing growth and development.
  • These and much more are the qualities imbibed in their student. Therefore, from time to time, they have always produced the best set of pupils who can cope and thrive anywhere around the world.

4.    Alfurat School

It addresses Abdul Rahman Abdul Latif Al Shaikh in AlMujaran, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They strictly follow the American and Arabic curriculum with their class grade from KG to Grade 7. It operates a mixed co-educational system. One major vision this school holds dear is to nurture and care for students in a godly and Islamic way so that the whole they would have something positive to contribute to the world.

Best International Schools In Jeddah

With the use of standard and up-to-date technology means, educational and knowledge standards of Islamic cultural and moral values, Alfurat School is working hard to ensure that all their dreams and vision are brought to reality.

One major pride this school boosts is winning the first position of advanced accreditation for five consecutive years. Advanced accreditation is an organization that is committed to improving educational services. Most schools choose to work on the accreditation of their school. This is optional but very beneficial; as it helps a school keeps track of its standards.

It also helps to keep their curriculum in check and ensure that they teach their students the required world-class standard. Student’s learning is also studied; all to ensure that they are offering the students nothing less than a standard that will make them stand out among their peers.

The policies that these accreditation agencies always inspect include the school’s culture, the parents & teachers association, the school society, curriculums, learning and teaching procedures, educational resources, administration commission, and the educational commission as well.

Another noteworthy trait of Alfurat School is the Montessori adopted way of teaching. And Montessori approach is an educational approach where students, especially children, learn by practicing taught tasks, rather than just listening in class and expecting them to just remember like that.

5.    Al-kon Global International School

This school is located on the Hail Streer of Roweis District-Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This school’s key mission is to ensure that the critical learning and thinking skills of all its students must be sharpened daily. This is to ensure that they keep on developing their problem-solving skills.

They also focus a lot on the individual skill of each person. These individual skills, talents, and abilities are maintained through a strong partnership and close association with the patents of the students.

According to the authorities of this school, education shouldn’t be a rigid and boring venture; it should be fun as well. Therefore, the school constantly works on ensuring that every student experiences a rewarding and fun school experience.

To ensure that the learning experiences of the students us something they always look forward to, innovative, experienced, hardworking, and caring staff are employed. This will ensure that the quality of education these students get to experience is high quality and unmatched.

Student’s talents are not shoved aside. They are duel considered while giving everyone a proper chance to explore their talents. Also, with the presence of togetherness in diverse culture and a strong team spirit that exist between everyone, this school had recorded a lot of major wins by its students.

They have their class graces from kindergarten to grade 12. Their curriculum is mainly French and Arabic, plus they operate a mixed-gender co-education.

Best International Schools In Jeddah

6.    Al-Aweal Private School

This school was founded in 2003, and it has its address in Almorjan District-Jeddah Saudi Arabia. It is presently (2021) under the leadership of Ms. Shefaa AlFakeeh, who is the present director of the school. Al-Awdal Private School is an institution deeply concerned about how their students would fare once they graduate from the four walls of their classroom in the school.

They understand that the knowledge life offers is far different from the theories taught in school. Not that they aren’t concerned about following the laid-down curriculum they adored. They currently follow the American and Arabic c curriculum, which are mostly identified as a world standard. It is a mixed-gender coeducational system, and they have their year groups ranging from kindergarten to grade 9.

To further emphasize how they have the best system to teach theories and still do not also joke with other social and extracurricular activities: According to them, taking real-world knowledge seriously gives students a better chance at developing various skills and talents that will be beneficial to them in the different spheres of life.

Morals are not to joke within this school. Religion beliefs and diversified cultures are considered so that everyone can contribute their quota to serve their nation and make the world a better place for people to live in.

Their teaching environment is well structured and conducive to learning. This enables students to master their skills well and make learning an experience they will always look forward to. Teaching skills are also one of a kind. It varies according to student’s needs.

Al-Aweal Private School understands white well that students are different and unique in their special ways. Different methods of teaching are used. Whether it is recognition or the whole brain learning, the STEM or the growth mindset, one thing is constant. That constant factor is that students are taught so they would understand. During teaching as well, materials, theories, practices, and real-life examples are always used to enhance learning.

Best International Schools In Jeddah

7.    Al Waha International School

This school was founded in 1992, and it is located along 3625 Ukadh, AR Rihab District. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is internationally licensed, and it is presently under the leadership of Mr. Zia Abdullah Nadwi as he currently sits as the 2020 chairman.

Al Waha International School is a mixed-gender co-educational school that strictly follows the British curriculum. Their annual fees are between SAR 12500-21000. To see the further breakdown of the annual fee, you can log on to their website. They have over a thousand and six hundred as of present. Their class school grades range from KG1 to Grade 12.

Asides from being internationally certified, they are also an accredited non-public school that provides high-quality education to its students through the use of the English Language. Developing a healthy competition between parents, teachers, and students is what this school earnestly yearns for.

They have been working to achieve this, and they are still working to keep maintaining this status. Moral value is another great virtue this school tries to instill in its pupils. Not only this, integrity, commitment, and all other positive virtues taught in Islam are constantly being preached to the students. Children are also allowed to grow and develop in the aspect of skill learning, attitude, and grasping of all-around knowledge.

It was formerly named Jeddah Montessori School, and one of the main reasons for founding this school was to cater to the Jeddah community because of the thirst to provide quality knowledge for the people. They started running the school in a villa with just twenty students.

They started by just running class arms from nursery school to year 2. With the relentless hard work of the former directors and principal of the school: Mrs. Tahira Ghais, and the grace of Allah, they gradually grew from that to a bigger institution. Up till now, there are still other developments being recorded by the school.

Al Waha has a great vision to ensure that students are educated in a holistic environment, with a good student-teacher relationship. And also with everyone keens on pursuing knowledge while ensuring that Islamic teachings as the backbone of all its moral measures.

8.    Al Moktashef International School

Al Moktashef was founded in 2009, and it is situated in I’m El Momineen Zeinab Street, Shatee District in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is presently under the leadership of Abeer Atalla, who is the present (2021) Principal of the school.

They strictly follow the American, Arabic, and French Educational curriculum. Its annual fee is between SAR 13000-SAR 1900. You can visit their website to find out more about the breakdown of this price. It is a gender-mixed co-education school.

 Al Waha International School is indeed a school to be proud of, considering how much they’ve grown since the time of the inception of this school. It started with just a kindergarten and nursery school. But now, they have developed into a bigger educational, international institution.

Teachers employed in this school are well learned, highly qualified, and certified people. This is quite important because the educational discipline a student would learn and develop with depends on the genre of people teaching such a student.

In addition, teachers are vastly ICT and technology literate to match all the ICT developments the world is experiencing now. We are in the let age, and anybody not ICT conscious still has its life in the ancient days. But this is not the case with students and teachers from  Al Waha International School


Learning properly starts by choosing a good primary and secondary institution to learn from. It is very important because that determines how your educational journey will fate in the long run. If you are in Jeddah, there are indeed many highly qualified and extraordinary international secondary schools in the Jeddah region of Saudi Arabia.

If you are searching for the best, we strongly recommend that you go through our list above and pick the ones that suit your taste, morals, and preference. Our list is fair enough, and it will put you through on what you need to know about your top best pick.

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