Best International Schools In Delhi For Expats

Best International Schools In Delhi For Expats – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Expat families will find that international schools in Delhi are as diverse as many other cities in the world. Many of these schools are British, with schooling leading up to the A-levels. In fact, the city infrastructure has led to many companies coming in and making their base in the country as of today.

Best International Schools In Delhi For Expats

However, few of these institutions are new, but they have world-class facilities and teaching options. They cater mainly to students who are not nationals, while local students attend these schools to learn the language of the international school. Aside from this fact, Delhi has numerous tourist attractions.

For example, you’ll see the Red Fort, Jamad Masjid, Lotus Temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Akshardham, and many others, to mention a few. In addition, we are always excited to share with our readers the best international schools in the world. Known for our research and unique articles, all the schools are legit.

Now, if you’ve been surfing the internet to get the best international schools in India, look no further. We’ve got you covered with the right ones. Education in India is known both for its quality and quantity. So, if you’re confused as to which school could be the best for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list.

In this article, you’ll understand the main reason why expats love to study in India. You might have been wondering why international students pick Delhi as their first choice when it comes to academics, right? Of course, but this is due to the fact that students that study here have a very sparkling career, and they excel in their chosen profession or extra-curricular.

Why Delhi School Top India School Rankings

Best International Schools In Delhi For Expats

Undoubtedly, Delhi schools have been topping the Indian’s list for the past few years. These schools are not only focusing on their students’ development but also putting a spotlight on their teachers with several teachers’ innovation programs. Without further ado, let’s quickly walk you through the reasons behind Delhi’s ranking.

Solving Student’s Problems & Challenges

It may happen that many students have not been getting the result from other institutions or schools. But, Delhi schools gave a unique term by solving their student’s problems. Aside from this fact, they’ve given a good monitoring system in their school to deal with all the student problems and challenges.

Student’s Academic Performance

Research has made it known that the Delhi schools always make a list in terms of academic performance. As far as the quality of the result is concerned, we discovered that 78 out of 134 students score more than 90 percent. This way, many schools in this city have been winning bronze medals at the international level.

Education Minister Contribution

The country’s government has been supporting the school plans to improve academic structures and curriculum activities. With this in place, the international schools in Delhi continue to grow, making the government succeed in a way none of their predecessors have which also promotes muscular nationalism.

State of Art Infrastructure

Another reason why a lot of people would love to study in Delhi is because of the infrastructural facilities. The state of art infrastructures of the schools in Delhi is designed to keep in view the importance of quality education for the upcoming generations. Most of the Delhi campuses are full of a vibrant learning atmosphere and greenery. Besides, the have modern classrooms and excellent labs.

Well Educated Teachers

Another reason why many expats love to choose the Delhi school is because of the experienced teachers. They are highly experienced, trained, and dedicated towards the process of imparting education to both the locals and international students. In Delhi, teachers take responsibility for the total well-being of students, including their social and mental well-being.

Quality Libraries and Labs

International schools in Delhi cannot be overemphasized for their quality educational materials, libraries, and labs. Here, all the labs are equipped with modern techniques and facilities. Acknowledging the fact that a library is a storehouse of knowledge, the Delhi schools provide students with a standard library that is inspirational and conducive to learning.

Several Cultural Societies

While the teachers or professors take care of academics at Delhi University, the students also work hard to make the campus vibrant with the help of several cultural societies. In fact, many claim that Delhi University’s cultural institutions are at par with professional training institutes where you can learn an art form of your choice in India.

University College Fest

If you’re planning to study in a Delhi international school, the university fest is something you wouldn’t love to miss. The high level of competition and performance at these fests is hard to find anywhere in the world. So, apart from the form and entertainment, these college fests also offer a great opportunity to the students to learn the first lessons of the management and volunteers for College Festivals

Top 15 International Schools in Delhi

Best International Schools In Delhi For Expats

As said earlier, Delhi and the National Capital Region, which has Gurugram and Noida, have grown considerably in recent years. In fact, their development in infrastructure has gone beyond imagination. We are aware of the schools, and we continually add more to the platform in due time. Nonetheless, check out the best international schools in Delhi for expats.

1.    The British School, Delhi

This is one of the best international schools in Delhi for expat.  It was founded in 1963, and for over 55 years, they have imparted knowledge education through the IB curriculum. Also, research made it know that it’s not for profit school that teaches the National Curriculum of England. Some of their facilities include; Swimming pool, Drama Studious, library, organic meals, and many other, to mention a few.

Additionally, the British school provides student-centered education in a safe, stimulating and multicultural environment. Moreover, the school operates from its campus, and it has no other campus or branches. On the flip side, the school hasn’t granted any franchise to any party for operating any other school under the name and style.

2.    DPS International Saket in Delhi

Delhi public school has been in existence for like 56 years, while its international branch just celebrated 15 years. Moreover, the school offers education from nursery to class XII and is affiliated with the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), United Kingdom. Besides, the objective of this school is to ensure that students become self-reliant, productive, precise, and independent.

3.    Metro Delhi International School

The Metro Delhi International School focuses on the common core state standards curriculum in the country. The American Education System prescribes this type of curriculum for its students. And over 13 nationalities are represented in this school, while nearly 30 international Universities have accepted graduates of metro Delhi international school. Some of their facilities include; music rooms, theatre, arts, service opportunities, and many others, to mention a few.

4.    Pathways Aravali International School

This school has also made it to the best international schools for expat in Delhi. It is located in Gurugram Sohna Road, and its facilities are incredible. Some of these facilities include; Olympic size soccer field, cricket pitch and practice nets, international exchange program, expeditions, and many more. More so, their vision statement is to ensure a stimulating and intellectually challenging environment for students.

5.    Scottish High International School

The Scottish high international school is a 13-year-old school that has carved a name for itself in its short existence. Aside from this fact, they are also the first school in the country to have 1500 IB students under one roof. Some of their facilities include; basketball, archery, cricket, golf, horse riding, and crèche facility. At Scottish International School, the curricula are well-calculated and layout with the features that meet all the requirements of a comprehensive learning programme.

6.    Amity Global International School

The Amity global international school is part of the Amity foundation, which is among the largest educational groups in the country with over 80,000 students. They teach the IB curriculum, and although they have been around only for ten years. Some of the services they provide include; science labs, football grounds, a swimming pool, and many others, to mention a few.

7.    Lancers International School, Delhi

The Lancers international school is one of the best that follows the IB curriculum. Also, with more than 45 nationalities represented, the school is one of the most diverse in Delhi and even India as a whole. Not only that, but they also prepare their students to join some of the best universities in the world.

At Lancers international school, enthusiasm and commitment to lifelong learning are one of their major priorities. Also, they place the learner’s voice at the core of their school’s culture. Therefore, if you wish to study in one of the best schools in Delhi, the Lancers international school is no doubt the best one.

8.    Meenakshi World School

Undoubtedly, Meenakshi world school is among the great international schools in Delhi. It is a residential cum day school that follows the Cambridge curriculum. Not only that, but they offer social studies, Hindi, and computer sciences. Some of their facilities include; indoor games, tennis court, transport, infirmary, and more.

9.    Excelsior American School

The EAS was awarded the top international school that has excelled and awarded by Brainfeed. Meanwhile, the EAS focus is on creating students who are self-inspired and have the hunger to learn. At Excelsior, they are true believers in the relationship between inspiration and growth. And their primary mission is to develop a strong sense of self-worth and responsibility in their students.

Furthermore, by incorporating international pedagogy, the Excelsior nurtures in their students an educational development relevant to the challenges of the 21st century. It prepares them for acceptance to tons of first-class universities throughout the world.

10. Genesis Global School, Delhi

The genesis global school is located in Noida and has been ranked several times as the world’s best international school. They have well-appointed residential facilities for students, and they offer two options, a five-day boarding program or a full seven-day residential program. However, they aim to nurture resilient, holistic, empathetic, and lifelong learners in a multi-cultural environment.

11. GD Goenka World School

The GD Goenka world schools are guided towards their natural inclinations. Driven by the passion of one of India’s most avant-garde industrialists, the school offers one of the best academic programs for expats. Aside from this fact, the school vision is to bring a global and holistic educational experience for each child. Also, they offer young and aspiring students academic engagement with international standards.

12. Kothari International School, Delhi

Kothari international is genuinely an integrated school operating in Delhi, India. Kothari has integrated CBSE coaching with the National Curriculum of England. The founder of this great citadel of learning laid the foundation of the best school in Delhi since 2005. However, the school represents the culmination of the assiduous efforts of its founder, who always cherished the dream of nurturing young minds in an inspiring atmosphere.

13. French international School, Delhi

The French international school is also known to be among the best international schools in Delhi. This international school follows the French Baccalaureate curriculum, which they hope to change to the IB curriculum in the future. Meanwhile, there are over 47 nationalities represented at this school, making it diverse. Some of their facilities include; ballet coaching, air quality treatment, fine arts room, and more.

14. American Embassy School (AES)

The American Embassy School has also made it to the list. Their vision statement is to provide a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, art, services, as well as athletics. Also, they enable students to be an inspired, lifelong learner, and a responsible, compassionate global citizen. However, AES has been a place where skills are being inspired for greater food.

15. Metro Delhi International School (MDIS)

The Metro Delhi international school is one of the strongly Christian schools operating an American curriculum and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). In this school, the proportion of Indians to expats is roughly the same amongst students and teachers. And they’re known to have academic excellence.

Best International Schools In Delhi For Expats

Pros and Cons of Moving to Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital, is the second most populated city in the country. It has about 11 million populations, having a mixture of culture, heritage, and politics. While studying in this country, expats should know more about the pros and cons. This way, we’ve compiled some of the pros and cons to watch out for.


  • New Delhi is one of the fastest-growing cities when it comes to industry and retail growth
  • If you like ethnic cuisine and would love to hog every now and then, you should definitely consider New Delhi. And more so, it offers some of the best cuisines with a marvelous taste
  • The education sector of New Delhi is above the normal standard of education you’ll see in other schools. This is because; it has some of the best schools and colleges
  • Foreigners can never get bored in Delhi as there are lots of historical monuments like Qutub Minar, international Toilet Museum, Red Fort, and many others, to mention a few
  • New Delhi is well connected, and it’s also the political hub of India, which has transparent governance and administrative policies
  • There are a lot of job opportunities in New Delhi, and if you have great skills, you’ll definitely land up having a good job in Delhi
  • If you’re a shopaholic, then you’ll find Delhi interesting because it has awesome markets of clothes that are considerable
  • There is a free government-owned transport system in Delhi for ladies and security purpose
  • Free Wifi is another interesting fact about staying in New Delhi, though the city is not fully covered with Free wifi


  • Delhi is highly polluted, and according to a survey, every year, approximately 10,500 people die due to pollution-related diseases
  • Some of the areas in Delhi are very costly, and nearly everything is much overpriced
  • The weather of this city is not quite good because it’s too hot during summers or it is too cold during winter
  • New Delhi is one of the unsafe places in India for women. And almost every day, some of the other rape cases come into the limelight and could extremely be brutal and shameful in the other part of the city
  • Most of the areas in the city look dirty, and the air is also not clean
  • New Delhi is always noisy and polluted with huge traffic because it’s the capital city

Things to Know Before Moving to New Delhi

The narratives of ruin and rebuilding are quintessential to Delhi, and this has seen the rise and fall of many empires in the country. With that being said, expat should know that there are many things to avoid while living in the country. Without further ado, let’s quickly walk you through the items in Delhi.

Essential Relocation Shock

Relocation or cultural shock is one of the primary things expats experience when they’re just moving abroad. Although it may not be a problem if you relocate to New Delhi but we emphasized understanding the cultural heritage. The city is widely known as India’s melting pot of intense culturally diverse populations. Therefore, prepare for a cultural shock when you’re moving to New Delhi for the first time.

Apartment and Housing Hunting

As of today’s 21st century, the rents in New Delhi are considered to be higher than in other cities in India. This is because; the most common types of accommodations are villas, condos, and high-rise apartments. That’s why most expats live in the city center in South Delhi, where the price of a one-bedroom apartment starts at exactly €220 per month and €535 for a three-bedroom unit.

Local vs. International Schools in New Delhi

There’s no need to worry about the language barrier in New Delhi. This is due to the fact that the English language is widely spoken and being used in an educational institution. However, most expat parents choose to enroll their children in international schools to continue to further the curriculum from their home country. Moreover, New Delhi is considered to be India’s academic hub.

Importing your Belongings

Many international shipping and removal companies are providing many door-to-door services to import expat belongings to the country. So, be rest assured that your belongings are safe. But bringing your pet to New Delhi requires essential documents like its rabies Vaccination Certificate, official permit endorsed by the animal husbandry department, and import license. Besides, the paperwork you’ll need to present includes; insurance policy, original purchase invoice, owner’s passport, and more.

Living like a Local in New Delhi

For you to understand more about living in India, you can refer to the living in India expat guide in our previous post. Among the hundred cities in India, New Delhi had been chosen to take part as one of the smart cities in India. Meanwhile, expats that are brave enough to scratch beyond its surface of bustling streets will find that New Delhi is a treasure chest of rich cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Delhi

Does Delhi have its own education board?

In recent months, the Arvind Kejriwal government has announced the setting up of the Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE) to oversee the affairs of their education. With this new development, you should take it as an opportunity to study in New Delhi for the first time.

How many schools are in India?

Out of a total of more than 1.5 million educational institutions in India, research made it known that over 840 thousand recognized schools provided education for the primary level. Therefore, we assured you that you’d see many schools (local and international) that’d meet your requirements in the country today.


The quality of education you’ll get in India today cannot be overemphasized. This is due to the fact that there are many international schools. And they’ve been heard across the different continents in the world. Citing the economic survey report, you’ll definitely be glad to enroll in one of the best schools. Nonetheless, refer to the 15 best international schools above for proper guidance to enroll.

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