Best International Schools In Bali

Best International Schools In Bali – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Whether you and your family are looking for a fresh start in Bali, there are many things to consider. Bali has a huge expat community in places such as Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu, and many others, to mention a few. In fact, most people in this country would love to live there or even stay longer.

The locals are friendly, and you’ll definitely enjoy different outdoor activities in this wonderful city. When it comes to the good sides of living here, you’ll enjoy hot, sunny weather and tropical beaches. And of course, these sunny beaches with white sand attract lots of people to take beautiful photos.

Overall, it’s a great place to surf because it has some of the best waves in the world. Aside from this fact, Bali is a cheap place to live. More so, the food is good while you’ll be exposed to new cultures and sights. There’s an opportunity and a positive attitude, but be ready for the wrong sides because no place is perfect.

If you’ve been surfing the internet to get the right international schools for your children, worry less. Our team of experts has taken their time to research the best school in this city. Luckily for you, Bali’s school circuit has everything from bilingual schools to global curriculums like the International Baccalaureate Diploma program and others.

Meanwhile, we have compiled this article to explain everything you need to know about Bali education. Aside from this fact, we will walk you through the best international schools in Bali. Moreover, you’ll get to know the pros and cons of living in Bali before enrolling your child. Does that sound interesting? Read further to know better!

Top 5 Interesting Facts about Bali

Before we dive into today’s topic, it’s quite essential to walk you through the interesting facts about Bali. This city has spectacular mountain scenery, and it’s also a famous island in Indonesia. These favorite spots, popular dive sites, and sacred temples are no secret. Let’s quickly walk you through the facts.

1.    Balinese Have Four Names

Unlike the western world, where you’re expecting two or three names, Bali is different in its ways. This is solely because; the names are given in order of child’s birth. So, if you’re visiting this place for the first time, don’t be surprised to hear many names before they’re being born because it’s their tradition.

2.    Expect the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

If you’ve ever think you’ve been to a country where the coffee is good, that means you’ve not tried the one in Bali. Kopi Luwak is the name of a rare coffee that’s all too commonly found around this island. It’s produced in a rather odd and unethical way, which contributes to what gives it a different taste. Also, it’s a unique coffee that you can buy for nothing less than $50.

3.    Total Dependence on Tourism (Bali)

Best International Schools In Bali

It’s no doubt that Bali depends on tourism. In fact, do you know that 80 percent of Bali’s economy is built on tourism alone? Well, this may not come as a complete shock to many because they’ve experienced that before. However, it has grown steadily in the past couple of decades and has sky-rocketed within the last five years.

4.    Polite Way of Eating

The Balinese have a unique way of eating! And if you’re invited into the home of a Balinese person, you should leave some food leftover on your plate. More so, you may find yourself enjoying dinner sitting on the floor and eating with your hands. In this case, you can only eat with your right hand only as it is a culture in this island community.

5.    World Highest Densities of Spas

If you’ve been looking for the highest density of spas in the world, look no further as Bali got you covered. This island is home to one of the world’s highest densities of spas. And with this fact, it’s quite easy to find a massage parlor in Bali, and you can also find around 1,200 spas across the island.

Several Reasons to Study in Bali

While there are many reasons to study in a country, Bali also has its good factor. Moreover, we can tell you that Bali offers a unique opportunity for you to grow both academically and personally. Would you love to know why the schools in Bali are so special? Take a look at the reasons we’ve compiled for you.

International Study Programs

You might be surprised, but Bali offers great options and a variety of programs for international students. The most prominent university, Udayana University, is counted among the top 20 universities in Indonesia. And with Bali becoming more popular, it’s an excellent opportunity to expand your network.

Welcoming Locals and Culture

Best International Schools In Bali

This is another factor to take into consideration if you want to study in Bali. Yes, they have a friendly local, and you’ll hardly find it challenging to experience some cultural misunderstandings. Again, Balinese people tend to be very kind to expats, and they’re open to foreign visitors. Besides, it’s not rare that a simple, friendly chat turns into a dinner invitation.

Awesome Travel Opportunities

Southeast Asia has long been a favorite destination for many expats. So, if you have some time left before going home after your semester, why not travel around or explore? Asia is very cheap, even if you’re traveling on a tight budget. This story, in essence, means that studying in Bali gives you an opportunity to travel around Asian countries or neighboring states.

Enjoy Sports and Activities

If you want your children to know more about sports and various outdoor activities, Bali international schools are the best place. And if you prefer staying on land, Bali’s yoga scene is among the best in the world. This way, children will have varying opportunities to learn and enjoy sports and activities.

Incredible Nature and Rich Culture

Of course, Bali is an island, and you’ll definitely have many things to do in the country. More so, one of the best ways to spend your free time is hopping on your scooter and exploring the Bali island. Not only is that, but an essential part of the local culture of Balinese Hinduism, which is the main religion on the island. And for these island-rich cultures, roads are closed for religious purposes.

Low Cost of Living for Students

The low cost of living could also be a factor that makes you study in this country. Of course, it all depends on the lifestyle you choose to live while looking in this place. However, if you spend mindfully, you can easily get by very little and still have enough money to enjoy your lifestyle in Bali and other regions.

Bali is a Rising Hub for Entrepreneurship

In today’s digital world, you should understand that Bali is fast on its way to claiming one of the top spots in the world to build new business ventures in tech. Aside from this fact, Bali has earned placement as a fertile ground for locating independent entrepreneurs and business owners. So, after your children study in the best international schools, they have the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs.

Best International Schools in Bali Today

Now, it’s time that you know the best international schools in Bali. Choosing the best school is no doubt an important thing that’d shape your children’s lifestyle. When it comes to the best education place, an international school is one thing to consider. In a nutshell, below are the best international schools.

Australian Independent School (AIS)

The Australian independent school in Bali was founded in 1996, and it’s one of the schools that offer quality education to expats or children around the world. Located in Central Denpasar, the facilities are some of the best on the island, including social amenities like a field for soccer, multi-purpose court, broadband WIFI, a 25m competition-standard swimming pool, and many others, to mentions a few.

Bali Island School

Bali island international school is another place to consider in this 21st century. They have many things that made them become the leading school in Bali. This school was founded in 1985, and it’s one of the most established schools on the island. The International Baccalaureate authorizes this school to deliver the Primary Years, Middle Years, Diploma Programmes from Preschool, and many others.

Canggu Community School (CCS)

Having mentioned the Australian Independent School and the Bali island school, the Canggu community is another one on the list. Located in the heart of the bustling expat community of Canggu, students have varieties of options when it comes to program selection. This school enrolls 350 students with an average class size of 20 students. This means students can have a convenient and conducive learning environment. That said, all classes are conducted in English with mandatory Bahasa lessons.

Dyatmika School in Bali

The Dyatmika School, based in East Denpasar close to Sanur and Ubud, is an accredited international school in Bali. This school is accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board, and they employ exams and certifications that are recognized internationally.

The student’s number in this school is limited to 20 students, while the primary prep is 26 students. Aside from this fact, you can expect to see free include tuition, resources, and admissions, while uniforms are a prerequisite for all students from Monday to Thursday.

Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School (GMIS)

The GMIS has also made it to the top of our list. They offer an affordable price with excellent facilities including an air-conditioned, multi-purpose hall, music studio, resource centers, and many others, to mention a few. Aside from this fact, there’s also a range of co-curricular club activities and spots from which to choose. While the tuition fees depend on the age, the uniform is required at all stages.

Green School Bali

The Green School Bali is set to be among the best international school in Australia. This school is designed to teach Green School skills through a hands-on experiential learning experience in the natural environment. Aside from this fact, the school aims to inspire sustainability in education in the world.

Also, French is available for middle school and high school students who have met the school’s requirements. Besides, your children can obtain a scholarship if they meet the school’s cut-off mark. You can refer to this platform for more information about this school.

 Lycee Francais de Bali

Tucked away in Kerobokan, you’ll find the best international schools in Bali. This school was established in 1991, and it was accredited by the French Board of education and partners with the Agency. Aside from this fact, they welcome students from different countries, and that’s why they’re unique in their own ways. Here, you’ll find a wide range of daily OPEX after-school activities and educational activities.

Montessori School in Bali

The Montessori School Bali offers a unique program that nurtures children’s development from six weeks to 15 years of an age, whereby students are guided on learning paths that’d make them useful in life. This school campus facility can accommodate 280 children and includes building designs inspired by traditional Balinese pavilions. And this could allow your children to move freely while learning.

This school also has a large covered verandah providing ample space outside the classrooms for children to work while enjoying the tropical rains and sun. Again, the help children with after-school activities, including Balinese dancing, soccer and cricket, violin, capoeira, and many others, to mention a few.

ProEducation School in Bali

This school is a unique international school based in Umalas, offering individualized education, an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, and on-site specialist support services for children aged five and above. Education schools follow the British Curriculum, and students receive international accreditation through EdExcel, Primary School, and others for those for those with additional learning needs. Their facilities include; an open onsite pool, a playground, canteen, and many more.

Sanur Independent School (Bali)

Among the best international schools in Bali, Sanur made it to the top 20on our list. This school is a community-based learning institute that provides a wide range of educational programs based on Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Australian curriculum. They also offer a short-term study program for overseas students.

Sekolah Lentera Kasih (SLK)

This school is a privately-owned Christian school, and it offers the National Indonesian Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum for secondary, kindergarten, and junior college-level curriculum. So, if you’re looking to get the right education for your children, Sekolah Lentera Kasih is the best place in recent years.

Sunrise International School

The Sunrise School is a community-centered campus for children aged 18 months to 14 years and follows the British and internationally early years. They have enough playgrounds set among lush green gardens, drama classes, badminton, cooking, and more. If you finally enroll your children in this school, be rest assured that you’re on the right track.

Factors to Consider In Bali School

Do you have trouble choosing the best international school in Bali? Well, the island has many international schools to choose from, and most of them come with a hefty price tag, as mentioned earlier. On the other hand, apart from choosing the best curriculum, there are other factors to consider in Bali. They include the following.

  • The age of your children is essential
  • Know your budget and work with it
  • Understand where you want to live and how your children will commute
  • Check the school reputation, and the educational facilities available
  • Know whether class size would be convenient for your children
  • Check the school calendar dates and the schedules of public or national holidays
  • Understand how long you plan to stay, and most importantly, the curriculum offered

Cost of International Schools in Bali

Once you start Googling the best international schools in Bali, you might be confused about the various prices you see online. But most international schools on the island cost approximately between $7,000 to $25,000 per year. Ultimately, it may come down to what type of school you end up choosing.

However, home-based schools in Bali are rapidly growing across the island. This way, you can decide to go for the home-based international schools that are less expensive for expats or foreigners. Therefore, if you’re interested in homeschooling but nervous about the social aspect, you can connect with Bali home; it would be better to go through this article to understand the best international schools.

COVID-19 and Schooling in Bali

With COVID affecting student learning and even causing school closure, it’s always good to check the school before enrolling your children. Meanwhile, we can now comfortably tell you that we have all experienced homeschooling to some degree, and both home and school learning has their advantages and disadvantages. While some schools are offering hybrid models, others keep restrictions in place.

Furthermore, the best thing is to adhere to Covid-19 measurement whenever you’re ready to enroll your children in the best school in Bali. On the other hand, your visa requirements are compulsory. After this session, we will walk you through the visa requirements and documents needed to obtain a study visa.

Quick Summary about Bali Visa

  • You’ll need to submit a scanned copy of your valid Indonesia passport
  • Proof of payment and a passport photograph
  • Since the tourist visa application is different, you may need to describe the purpose of your visit
  • A document indicating the proof of complete vaccination, and a negative PCR test result
  • Ensure that your children apply at the embassy by following the right measures

Frequently Asked Questions about Bali School

What are Bali schools like in recent years?

Undoubtedly, there are wide ranges in the quality of the infrastructure within schools in Bali. While many are equipped with the best tools, others are under-resourced, and classrooms are uniformly basic. In fact, some schools can have poor physical conditions, doors and windows leak, and many others, to mention a few. Regardless of these problems, there exist the best international schools in the country.

Is homeschooling legal in Bali?

If you read this article carefully, you’ll see that we’ve explained some of the key points to know. However, we can tell you that homeschooling is legal in Indonesia. More so, it is regulated under the National Educational System of 2003 under the division of informal education and the right to educate.

How much is a school in Bali?

Typically, primary school fees in the country range from $30 and above. However, this amount is subjected to change. Since there are approximately 150,000 primary schools, 35,000 junior secondary schools, and 25,000 high schools in Indonesia, there are varieties of options to choose from.

Is school compulsory in Bali?

In today’s 21st century, education is compulsory, and this applies to the Indonesian education system. However, despite the countries legislation or rules for a mandatory nine-year education program, Bali still has a large number of school-age children not attending schools. Whichever way, always know that school is compulsory in the country.

What do green schools mean?

Of course, you might have been hearing that lately on a different platform. However, always know that it’s a school that supports global sustainability in every way. This school begins with the future in mind, designing a learning experience that’d shape the children’s lives while becoming beneficial to society.

What is a normal school in Bali?

Unlike other countries, normal schools here drive their name from the French phrase Ecole normale. It’s a teacher-training institution established in France by the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1685. And they intended to set a pattern that establishes “norm,” after which other schools were formed.

What age is the best for school?

If we get your question right, the suitable age to start school in Indonesia is seven years. According to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources, the school-age in this country also depends on your school and its requirements.


Choosing the best schools isn’t an easy process, as it requires thorough research and proper recommendation. But we are constantly improving, and that’s why we have compiled this article to meet your need. Nonetheless, if you want to know more about the best schools, refer to this platform.

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