Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore

Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The best time to consider your financial situation is when you are moving to a new country.


While you’re excited about moving abroad, you should understand that it can also be nerve-wracking. Finding accommodation, relocating all your belongings, settling all the bureaucratic and more are arguably the most important thing to get the best international health insurance plan in today’s world.

If you’re researching health insurance companies, you’d likely know the essentials of COVID-19 restrictions with a solid insurance plan. This means you’re going to take a lot of time browsing, comparing, and reading about the insurance policies before planning to choose the right health firm.

Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore

As we’ve mentioned in our previous articles, Singapore has a high-quality and healthcare system. Besides, private/public medical and care and treatment are seen to be on the high price. In fact, whether you’re just planning to live in Singapore or you already live here, we’ve got you covered with the tips.

In addition, Singapore’s healthcare system is the shining star of this small republic, making it remain the envy of other governments. Although COVID-19 restrictions have affected the health system but you can still make your way around it. Are you ready to relocate to Singapore but don’t know the right system?

Of course, worry less! In this article, we will walk you through the best concept to explain the Singapore healthcare system. Aside from this, you’ll understand the strategies to increase the country’s healthcare system and many others. Are you ready to check out what we’ve unleashed for you? Read further!

Understanding Singapore Healthcare System

By measurement and high medical equipment, Singapore’s healthcare system has performed exceptionally well. In recent years, the country’s healthcare system placed 6th in the World Health Organization’s ranking. Also, the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries ranked Singapore the 4th among the healthiest countries in the world.

With this amazing level of the healthcare system, the country enjoys an extremely high standard of living. In addition, Singaporeans had the world’s longest life expectancy at 84.8 years. Are you wondering how? Well, the secret to the country’s success is a source of debate known to be among countries that wish to emulate their results-driven model.

In truth, Singapore’s success is likely a combination of all its achievement and a greater level of responsibility in the hands of patients. In any case, the country’s healthcare system is based on public and private facilities, which the locals enjoy. Now, let’s take a look at how Singapore’s healthcare system works.

How Singapore’s Healthcare System Works

Undoubtedly, Singapore’s universal healthcare system is based on public and private facilities. With this in mind, know that the locals and permanent residents are entitled to subsidized healthcare services because they contribute to Singapore three Ms. Known as the Medifund, Medisheild, and the Medisave.

Furthermore, the Medisave program is a forced savings plan that represents an individual’s wages. Also, about 7 to 9.5 percent of your wages is forced to be saved. So, if you’re working in Singapore, then this Medisave account is a must-open to cater to some of your routine care. On the flip side, the account forced all citizens, including locals and expats, to be responsible consumers.

Similarly, the Medishield is considered a nationwide catastrophic insurance program. You can opt-out of this program, but most Singaporeans see it as a good value. One of the benefits of this insurance is that you can use it whenever you’ve had so many health concerns in a year.

The third M (which stands for Medifund) entails the fund’s investment income to pay medical bills for those in financial need. A three-billion-dollar endowment powers this program. And just how those in financial needs are quantified, your eligibility depends on the hospital boards that administer the Medifund.

Strategy to Increase Singapore’s Healthcare Capacity

Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore

In recent months, the Republic has had to expand its healthcare system because of its healthcare capacity. Aside from this fact, the global COVID-19 pandemic with several premises converted in a short space of time has caused damage to the system, and many locals are recovering from the viral disease.

This, however, ensures that the acute beds in hospitals remain reserved for those that need them most. Moreover, workers in tandem with authorities have continued endless efforts to contain and lower the daily infection of the global virus. Without further ado, below are the things the Singapore government put in place to increase Singapore’s healthcare capacity.

Healthcare Institutions

Public hospitals have postponed all non-urgent procedures that had been scheduled in advance. Not only that, but many healthcare institutions have resorted to teleconsultation where possible o reduce the spread of the virus. In fact, many hospitals have repurposed existing hospitals spaces to serve as isolation wards and be able to secure more medical equipment.

Community Extension

Due to the COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms and lower risk factors, the government has decided to create a community extension. This strategy has helped to increase the Singapore healthcare facility. Also, the government has made about 10,000-bed spaces to cater for patients, and community members tested positive for the coronavirus.

Increasing Singapore’s Healthcare Manpower

Through our research, we found out that about 3,000 healthcare professionals across all age groups and job groups have responded to the government’s call to help public hospitals and communities. With some of these factors being considered, the governments have successfully increased the healthcare manpower to a reasonable amount across several communities.

Why Healthcare System is Expensive in Singapore

The Healthcare system in Singapore is quite expensive compared to the rest of the world. Well, it’s no more a surprise for a city that has been recently ranked the most expensive city in the world. Moreover, the price of healthcare in Singapore is, therefore, one of the numerous reasons why expatriates buy private health insurance when moving to Singapore.  Let’s quickly take a look at the reasons why healthcare is expensive.

Private Sector vs. Public Sector

Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore

As an expat, you should be aware that the healthcare system in Singapore is divided into two sectors. They include; the private sector and the public/restructured hospitals. Now, one significant difference between these two sectors is the price. Foreigners in Singapore appreciate private healthcare because of the many additional services and the highly experienced international personnel.

Rates for Expats in Singapore

In Singapore, there’s no subsidized rate for expats, and they do not benefit from the local social security. In addition to this, the public medical facilities offer subsidized prices to the latter in addition to make a percentage of their bills paid by their Medisave fund. With that being said, let’s reveal that some healthcare facilities in Singapore have two rates; one for citizens and PRs and the other for foreigners.

Junior Doctors vs. Seniors

While you’re living in Singapore as an expat, you can choose to see a junior doctor or a more experienced professional, known as the senior doctor. Nevertheless, be rest assured that both the public and private sectors are equipped with the latest medical technology, good furniture, and trained staff. Besides, the healthcare system could be somewhat expensive, but the services they offer are worth it.

Cost of Healthcare System in Singapore

As said earlier, the benefits of having a reliable healthcare system in Singapore cannot be overemphasized. You’ll definitely experience a considerable cost in the healthcare system, but this shouldn’t weigh you down, instead prepare for it. That’s why we have compiled this article to highlights everything needed to relocate to the country.

However, to save money on healthcare expenses, you can either find a cheap clinic far from the center or get comprehensive health insurance that provides you with a vast cashless medical network. In the long run, you can simply go to the nearest clinic on the web for more information.

Health Insurance plans in Singapore

It’s no doubt that international health insurance plans offer medical coverage in a particular country, region, area, or even in the world, depending on the country’s plan terms and conditions. According to research made by our team of expats, it’s a little like getting annual travel insurance within Asia as compared to getting single-trip travel insurance in one destination.

Therefore, if you’ve been wondering where to buy international insurance policies, look no further. Below are the top insurers that are offering the service.

Health Insurance PlanCoverage LimitAnnual Premium Price
MSIG Prestige Healthcare System$950,000$970
Cigna Silver Plan$1 million$2,200
FWD International Health InsuranceUp to $3 million$2,500
Liberty MyHealth International EssentialUp to $2 million$3,800
AXA international ExclusiveAbout $3 million$5,200

Top international Health Insurance Companies in Singapore

Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore

Paying hospital bills with no financial support in Singapore can drain all your savings. As a foreigner, if you don’t want this to happen, then you’d better protect yourself with the best health insurance companies in the country.

Aside from this fact, the health insurance companies in Singapore can save expats from spending on regular doctor’s appointments, laboratory tests, and even dental checkups. So, it can be a big help when you’re trying to keep your health without breaking the bank.

Now, if you don’t know where to find the right insurance company, we’ve got you covered with the right ones. You can check them out to know which health insurance company can accommodate your health history. Without further ado, here are the best international health insurance companies.

AIA Medical Insurance

The AIA Medical Insurance was established in 1931, and it belongs to the AIA Group, having the largest publicly listed life insurance provider in the Asia-Pacific region. This company offers insurance coverage such as life protection, critical illness protection, medical protection, disability income protection, accident protection, travel, and lifestyle, AIA vitality, employee benefits for businesses, and platinum.

The AIA’s most popular international insurance plan is the HealthShield Gold Max. This plan entails a medical reimbursement plan with a combination of Medishield Life and additional private insurance coverage. The AIA beneficiary chooses to stay in private hospitals or A/B1 wards in the public hospitals while enjoying a 20 percent discount on consultation fees.

NTUC Income Insurance

The NTUC Income insurance was founded in 1970 as an insurance cooperative in the country. Sequel to its approval in Singapore, it has provided insurance coverage for life, accident, travel, vehicle, health, home & lifestyle, insurance for children and students, and insurance for businesses.

Additionally, this insurance company offers coverage for the elderly and individuals with autism and Down syndrome. Also, senior citizens may avail of the SilverCare insurance plan, which provides coverage for permanent disability, accidental death, home care, and medical expense. You can check their official website for more information.

Manulife Health Insurance (Singapore)

If you’ve been craving the best international insurance coverage, Manulife health insurance is among the best in Singapore. They provide support for pregnant women, accidents, children, and, more importantly, hospital bills. In summary, we can say that it offers the best medical insurance for both locals and your family in Singapore.

Aside from this, Manulife Health Insurance also includes benefits post-accident and post-pregnancy hospitalization insurance in Singapore to ensure that expat are taken care of after going through a difficult situation. Above all, their packages include; hospitalization in both private and public hospitals.

AXA Health Insurance (Singapore)

In today’s modern world, AXA is considered one of the providers of the best medical insurance in Singapore that specialize in health and life insurance. So, if you want health insurance packages that include tons of benefits, then ensure to sign up for AXA’s health insurance policy. Among the key features of this health insurance are dental care, vaccination coverage, optimal care, and many others.

Above all, AXA also prioritizes the health and welfare of your family and friends. Some of their coverage also extends to expats that need a doctor’s advice. And this is because; they made the locals and the foreigners consider them to be one of the best options for family health insurance in the country at large.

Now Health Insurance (Singapore)

If you’re a foreigner working in Singapore or an international student on a scholarship, you may be anxious about getting sick in another man’s land. With the help of Now Health International, you done have to worry about your health while living or to study abroad. This is because; they seek to cover expats working outside their country, students pursuing tertiary institutions, and families.

Aside from what we’ve mentioned above, this health insurance has an easy and hassle-free application and claims process. And that’s why it’s one of the best international health insurance companies in Singapore.

Pacific Prime Health Insurance

Pacific Prime Singapore is considered the world’s leading international health insurance provider, offering benefits and coverage. This insurance company is proud to say that it’s fully registered and fully compliant with the requirements of national insurance standards. Also, what makes it one of the best international health insurance companies in Singapore is the inpatient and outpatient coverage.

In this type of insurance company, foreigners have the liberty to choose which benefits to include in making sure that their needs are fully accommodated. In addition, if you’re an expat in Singapore, you may also apply for Pacific Prime’s health insurance packages no matter the status placed on your visa.

Great Eastern Life Insurance

This health insurance company operates in Singapore and Malaysia. It was established in 1908 and is now one of the leading insurance companies in Asia as o today. This company offers insurance plans for both personal and corporate needs and mothers and their newborns. However, this maternity insurance plan can be availed as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy and provides coverage in emergencies.

AVIVA Healthcare Insurance

Aviva healthcare insurance is a London-based insurance provider that was founded in 1696. The company started as Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society which has undergone expansion and mergers throughout its 300-years history.

Moreover, the AVIVA brand was launched in 2002, and it offers life insurance, health insurance, general insurance for vehicles and homes, as well as asset management. On the flip side, Aviva’s MyShield Standard Plan is an affordable option that was developed in close coordination with the Ministry of Health.

FWD International Health Insurance

The FWD’s international health insurance company has a unique feature. In fact, they have a plan that doubles your annual limit when you don’t make any hospitalization claims for two years. However, your annual limit will then reduce automatically if you have exhausted it and need to pay for accidental hospitalization incidents.

In other news, this plan can be ported internationally, except to the US, Japan, Korea, Canada, and other sanctioned countries. Also, with this COVID-19 pandemic, expat should beware of this factor when you’re moving to a badly affected country anytime in the future.

Liberty MyHealth International Insurance

The Liberty Health Insurance company offers expat various programs, including benefits such as inpatient and day-patient costs. They have a suitable plan for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation with legal expenses and assistance. Overall, the health insurance company has a premium plan that is on the high side. So, do your research well before subscribing here.

5 Major Reasons for Getting Health Insurance

There are innumerable reasons to have health insurance in today’s world. As an expat, you can buy a family health insurance policy in place, and if you have a family to support, you can also purchase family health insurance to take care of their medical needs. However, we have compiled the five primary reasons for getting health insurance; check it out below.

Best International Health Insurance Companies For Expats in Singapore

1.    Emerging & Changing Lifestyle

As aforementioned, there are plethoras of reasons to have a health insurance policy in place. Moreover, the tectonic shift in our lifestyle has made us more prone to a wide range of health disorders. The wrong eating habits, quality of food, hectic work schedules, and rising pollution levels have increased the risk of developing health problems. And with this factor, expats need an emerging and changing lifestyle.

2.    Expensive Medical Costs

The medical costs have begun to increase in recent years. So, in case of a medical emergency, expats end up spending their savings, which takes a toll on their plans. However, you can subscribe to international health insurance to help you tackle any health emergencies that could come your way.

3.    Income Tax Beneficial

Research made it know that the payments made towards health insurance premiums are also eligible for tax deductions. If you’re above 60 years, it would be easier to claim a deduction for the health insurance premium paid for yourself. This means you can enjoy income tax benefits if you’re on any health insurance plan.

4.    Pre/Post Hospitalization Expenses

This is one of the best reasons to apply for a health insurance plan. It doesn’t only mainstream medical costs but also includes the price of out-patient department (OPD) expenses and diagnostic tests that have increased in recent times. Also, it’s noteworthy that the medical policy does cover not only the hospitalization costs but also expenses incurred towards diagnostic tests before and after a stipulated time.

5.    Health Additional Benefits

Another reason to get a health insurance plan is to cater to your health at any time. Also, you can get benefits such as ambulance coverage, routine check-up, and vaccination expenses under your health insurance. Meanwhile, premiums for health plans are determined by age, city of residence, medical history, and many others, to mention a few.

Coverage to Consider While Having Health Insurance

As a foreigner, you should buy critical illness insurance when you’re buying a health insurance plan. Of course, this necessary illness policy is a cover that offers to pay you a fixed sum whenever you’re diagnosed with any critical illness that’s covered by the policy. However, check the companies that offer a host of insurance policies, including health protector, family health, individual health, and more.


After you might have checked the expat guide to relocating to Singapore, understanding the health insurance policy is beneficial. We have walked you through the best international health insurance companies for expats in Singapore. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Get your visa now and enjoy!

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