Best Expat Cities And Countries For Gay People part 2 – Factors to Consider Before Relocating To a Gay Nation

Best Expat Cities And Countries For Gay People part 2 – Part one is here.

Factors to Consider Before Relocating To a Gay Nation

Best Expat Cities And Countries For Gay People

Moving to a new country is no easy task, especially when relocating solo. But for expats who are moving abroad as single men, there are additional challenges. The following five factors should be considered by any single male considering relocating to another country.

Language Barrier

While many Western countries speak English or other languages that closely resemble it, more often than not, an expat must learn at least some basics of the local language. This may be as basic as just learning how to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you, but it will almost always come in handy for at least a handful of interactions during their stay.

Gender-Specific Hazards

While most Western countries are fairly safe for single expat men, there are many countries where a man cannot walk around freely at night or can’t even go out by himself. In some more conservative countries, women may not be seen walking alone either. This is especially true of Muslim-majority countries, but other cultures have their unique dangers that must be considered as well.

Getting Around

Getting through an airport, train station, or bus terminal may be fairly simple in the West, but this is usually not the case everywhere. Being able to read a rail schedule or figure out transportation routes can save hours of time and frustration.

The standard of driving will also vary greatly depending on where one intends to stay; driving standards in most Western countries are among the highest in the world, while operating standards elsewhere vary.

Social Life

First impressions are essential anywhere, but they are even more so outside of one’s home country. Expats should try to make local friends as soon as possible and be aware that it will usually take longer for locals to accept them into their social circles.

For that reason, the single expat man should try to friend other fellow expats if he can and take advantage of his home country’s embassy for additional networking opportunities.

Best Expat Cities And Countries For Gay People

Exotic Locations

Some countries are more popular than others with the young backpackers and singles. While this may be a great way to meet new people, it should be noted that not all of these vacationers are there to see the sights. Some may keep odd hours, and others may even be dangerous.

Expat Women

While single expat men have it easier in some countries, they have a more challenging time in others. Places like the Philippines, Thailand, and Colombia are not only popular with Western men but also Western women. This means that they may find themselves competing for their attention with other locals and fellow expats from their home country.

Taxes and Jobs

One final point to note is that in most countries, single males pay much higher taxes than single females do. This means it may be more difficult for men to find a job in their desired field. Another consideration when relocating abroad is how easy it will be to visit family and friends back home; depending on the destination; this may be easy or difficult.

Things Gay Expat Need to Bring When Traveling Abroad

Respecting locals and their culture is important for anyone traveling abroad, but it’s especially crucial for gay people. Homosexuality may be decriminalized in some countries and even become popular with the locals, but anti-gay sentiments are still rampant worldwide.

Here are seven items that can protect you from threats ranging from insults to physical abuse.

A Large-Brimmed Hat

This is a great defense against the sun as well as for concealing your face. Some places are dangerous for gay people, and you never know when you’re going to need an extra layer of security.

A hat will deflect attention from your face and help you blend into the crowd. If you’re wearing regular street clothes, this is an especially important item to have with you because it will provide camouflage in case you need to hide.

A Protective Pouch

A small pocket-sized essential oil pouch containing peppermint oil is a good item to bring with you when traveling abroad.

It can be hidden in a pocket or purse, and it’s a good way to deter your enemies – break open the container and quickly run away from them. This may distract them long enough for you to escape. If they stop coughing and clear their throat, you can get further away while they’re distracted.

Best Expat Cities And Countries For Gay People

A Pair of Sunglasses with a Good UV Rating

It’s generally not safe to wear sunglasses in the daytime. If you want to blend into the crowd, camouflage your face, and protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, then it’s best to carry dark glasses with you when traveling abroad.

They’re also helpful for hiding changes in facial expression if someone crowds near you and starts yelling insults at you. Just keep staring straight forward and keep your expression blank.

A Pocket Mirror

This is an excellent tool for evaluating how much danger you’re in a while out exploring the local sights and sounds. If someone follows you, take a quick peek so that you can determine whether or not they’re still there. Always look around you when walking through dangerous areas, but also try to keep track of your surroundings while taking in the sights.

A Small Foldable Umbrella

You never know when it might rain or if someone will throw a drink at you. It’s best to be prepared for anything by keeping an umbrella with you so that nothing can ruin your outfit. Even if you’re dressed in street clothes, it’s a good idea to have an umbrella with you because this will allow you to blend in more easily when entering shops or cafés so that no one knows your true identity.

A Long Scarf

A large, loose scarf can be used for all kinds of things when traveling abroad. It can be used as a head covering during religious observances, it can conceal your features for security reasons, and it will help you blend in with the crowd if you need to cover up some part of your body quickly.

It’s a good idea to bring along a scarf when traveling because it provides so many different functions. You can use other scarves for various purposes, and when something is multipurpose, it saves you money in the long run.

A Large Bag or Basket

If you need to carry many items, don’t keep them all in your pockets and purse. Overloaded pockets can be easily snatched and quickly emptied in seconds by pick-pockets, and a big bag with multiple compartments will help to keep your items safe.

Also, ensure that you bring the right-sized purse or bag with you when traveling abroad so that it can’t be snatched from your shoulder without you noticing in time.

How Can You Become A Gay?

Of course, becoming gay isn’t something we’d tell you, as this is a personal decision. But, one first thing you should understand is the meaning, how it works, and how it will change your lifestyle. On the flip side, we recommend you research to understand the process.


Looking for the right place to reside as a gay is something you should look out for. With what we’ve compiled above, you should be able to choose the best one suitable for your need. If possible that you’d love to know more about living in a particular country, you can refer to this platform.

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