Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East part 1 – Doha, Beirut and more…

Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The Middle East is a Location in the Asian continent with some of the world’s most incredible landscapes. Some countries that are often overlooked by expats or just beginning travelers, however, include Oman and Kuwait. Expatriates appreciate these locations because they have been known to have a great work-life balance due to the absence of heavy pollution from traffic.

Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East

Healthcare in Oman is of high quality, but expatriates are recommended to purchase additional insurance. For a low price, travelers choose from various plans for health care travel. Many new companies have cropped up recently, catering specifically to expats living in the Middle East.

Here, dental care services are usually more expensive compared to Western countries. Middle Eastern countries like Oman and Kuwait are safe places because of their criminal justice system. Police response time is typically 15 minutes or less because the officers patrol the streets daily. Housing in cities such as Muscat, Kuwait City, and Manama is priced fairly.

Expats living in the Middle East often live outside of the city center in apartment complexes. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning a home, which opens up a wealth of options. Many expats live in Muscat because of its airport and beaches.

I’m sure you’d love to know more. Well, if that sounds like a yes, this is the right platform. Today, we have compiled everything needed to know about living in the Middle East. Not only is that, but we will walk you through the best cities for expats in this area. Also, you’ll understand the cultures and more.

Why Expats Need to Live in the Middle East

For expats, the Middle East can be an excellent place to live. It comes with challenges, but it can also offer great experiences not found in home countries. There are many reasons you should consider living in the Middle East if you are an expat; here are five of them.

1)    Tax-Free Living & Relocation Package

As an expat, one of the first things you may notice about living in the Middle East is no income taxes for most employees. This can contribute to a monthly pay packet that is much higher than it would be back home.

If you relocate as part of your employment package, then it means that your relocation costs will also be paid for. Expats are often provided with a tax-free monthly allowance to cover their living expenses, making it easier to manage your money when you first arrive.

2)    Affordable Luxuries

Living in the Middle East can be surprisingly affordable compared to home countries, especially if you are used to the high costs of living in places like London or New York. For expats, life in the Middle East can seem very luxurious as you enjoy your tax-free pay packet and tax-free living allowance. Of course, it is easy to spend too much money here as many temptations along the way.

3)    Everything at Your Fingertips

In most cities of the Middle East, you will find every Western amenity you may be used to back home. Shopping malls and supermarkets sell everything that you would expect them to, and they often do so at a lower cost than what you would find in North America or Europe.

There is also an abundance of restaurants and entertainment venues catering to all tastes. If you really want something, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find it.

4)    Safety & Security

Living in the Middle East is generally safe and secure, especially compared to many other parts of the world. Most expats will not have any security issues here since they live within their own compound where everything is very secure.

Of course, you should always take care when leaving your compound as you should anywhere else, but the same could be said for traveling to any other country from home too. The security environment in most Middle Eastern countries is excellent, and it shows in the day-to-day lives of expats who live here.

5)    Share Experiences with Different Cultures

For many expats, living in the Middle East offers the chance to interact with new cultures. This can be a great experience as you learn about how people from different backgrounds operate and think. You will soon grow accustomed to living in an Arab country, but it is still interesting to see things from a different perspective at times.

Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East

6)    No winter

For those who live in places with harsh and brutal winters, moving to a country where you can enjoy tropical warmth all year round is excellent. If you want to escape the cold weather, then the Middle East is definitely for you as it has no winter seasons at all. Moving here means that you never have to worry about enduring terrible conditions or even bring sufficient clothing with you.

7)    Work & Play Balance

Middle Eastern countries tend to be great places for expats who want to balance work and play without sacrificing one completely for the other. It is easy to go out to dinners, bars, shopping malls, etc., in your spare time while enjoying your tax-free pay packet and tax-free living allowance.

There is also a growing entrepreneurial scene in places like Dubai, which means that you can work for yourself if you wish to do so. The Middle East is a great place to live as an expat, especially if you want to leave behind the daily grind of working life in your home country. This region offers a tax-free lifestyle to expats, and it has a lot going for it as a destination.

8)    Affordable Education for Your Kids

Education is one of the biggest expenses that any family will have to endure, but in the Middle East, you can choose from a vast range of schools. Many are international, which means your kids will be educated in English and they will get a chance to learn about different cultures.

Even public schools are affordable if you want to avoid the high costs of international schooling, although these may be limited depending on which country you live in.

9)    Tourism is Booming

Many Middle Eastern countries have seen a huge rise in tourism over recent years, so there are great opportunities for expats working in this area.

You can make use of your language skills, tourism experience, and other transferable skills here, thanks to the thriving industry. Many of these countries are hot on attracting tourists, so there is always work if you put yourself out there and market yourself well.

Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East

10) Job Opportunities Abound

With the tourism industry booming in certain parts of the Middle East, there are plenty of job opportunities for expats. Those who want to work in international business can find jobs easily, while those with language skills have even more options open to them.

Even if you are not particularly experienced or skilled, companies are looking for people to fill roles, so it is worth putting yourself out there and seeing what you can find.

Best Cities for Expats in the Middle East

Trying to decide on a place to live as an expat. In many countries, there are cultural differences, languages barriers, and practical concerns that make settling in a foreign country seem daunting.

However, the confluence of global politics and economics means that more people than ever before have opportunities outside their home country for employment or education – which also makes it easier than ever to find a foreign city that matches your needs.

This list looks at the best cities for expats in the Middle East, which consider both modern amenities and cultural factors that help you feel right at home. Without further ado, take a look at it below.

1)    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East

The jewel of the UAE is definitely one of the best cities for expats, with its multicultural populations and cosmopolitan feel. Dubai has a high standard of living due to the large oil revenues. There are also many entertainment options, including dozens of beaches, desert safaris, skiing in the nearby mountains, man-made islands that look like palm trees, or the world’s largest indoor theme park.

2)    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Best Cities For Expats In The Middle East

The capital city of the UAE is a great place for expats. It has the conveniences and amenities that you would expect from one of the wealthiest cities in the world, including a well-developed infrastructure and public transportation system. Abu Dhabi has several beaches, man-made lakes, and parks where you can get away from the city.

3)    Doha, Qatar

Qatar’s capital has a population of over 2 million and is quickly growing due to an influx of immigrants and foreign workers. There are many malls and shopping centers, including the world’s largest shopping mall, which also hosts amusement parks and aquariums. The Corniche is a seaside promenade that offers a wide variety of attractions, from cafes to spas to cinemas.

4)    Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel’s financial and business capital is definitely one of the best cities for expats, with a very low cost of living and high standard of living. There are many museums and historical sites in Tel Aviv, including an old fortress built by the crusaders. Tel Aviv also has many different cultures and languages due to the large immigrant population.

5)    Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is definitely one of the best places for expats in the Middle East with its cosmopolitan flair and diverse populations. The city is known for its nightlife, and Lebanese cuisine is among some of the best in the world. Beirut also has a very high standard of living and low cost of living, making it all the more affordable to enjoy this city.

6)    Manama, Bahrain

Manama is the capital of Bahrain and definitely one of the best places for expats in the Middle East. The city has many festivals and cultural events, such as traditional dance parties. There are also many historical sites, including a fort built by the Portuguese 400 years ago and a pearl diving museum. Manama has a very interesting history and is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.

7)    Muscat, Oman

Muscat is Oman’s capital and cultural center. The city has a high standard of living and a low crime rate. There are also many historical sites in Muscat, including the old Mutrah Souq, which was once one of the busiest ports in the world. Muscat has a cosmopolitan feel with its large immigrant population, and the locals are amiable.

8)    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s capital city has a huge expat population due to the large number of foreign companies and organizations based there. Riyadh is an extremely fast-growing city, with several shopping malls and luxury hotels built every year. There are also many historical sites in Riyadh if you take the time to tour, including several preserved mud-brick fortresses.

9)    Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, is definitely one of the best places for expats in the Middle East. The city has a very high standard of living and a low crime rate, plus an excellent public transportation system. Istanbul also has many historical sites to visit, including some of the world’s oldest churches, mosques, and monuments. There are many museums in Istanbul, and it is also one of the best places for shopping.

10) Cairo, Egypt

Egypt’s capital city is a cultural and historical hub. Cairo has many museums, including the famous Egyptian museum, containing thousands of ancient artifacts, many from King Tutankhamun’s tomb. There are also several pyramids to visit outside of Cairo if you have time.

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