Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto As An Expat

Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto As An Expat – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Toronto, which is known for its diversity, can be an exciting place to live because of several reasons. While moving to this city, it would be very helpful to find out about the best neighborhood to live in Toronto. Also, you need to know that buying or renting a house in the city is a step to be taken seriously.

Of course, there are high housing prices, and it would be good if you expect it. With a population of more than 3 million, Toronto can feel overwhelming. While real estate is expensive here, there are numerous available options for expat to consider. Besides, you can live in an area at a distance or find an affordable apartment in the heart of the city.

Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto

Being Canada’s largest city, Toronto has countless neighborhoods that are constantly evolving. In no time, we will walk you through the main characteristics and facts to make an informed decision about choosing a certain place to live in the city. Typically, the west end of the city has been the major town.

So, have you been wondering the best place to visit in Toronto? Well, your decision depends on preferences and lifestyle. These neighborhoods are constantly evolving, aimed at giving an expat the idea to enjoy their life. More so, know that finding a good place to live can be one of the most daunting tasks.

However, worry less as we’ve got you covered in this article. Again, we will walk you through the best areas and suburbs to live in Toronto. Not only that, but you’ll understand what living in Toronto as an expat entails in today’s digital world. Would you like to know what we’ve unleashed for you? Read further!

Living in Toronto as an Expat

Toronto is perhaps the perfect introduction to Canada for foreigners.  Aside from this fact, it’s Canada’s biggest city as well as its most diverse and cultural point you can see from around the world. For obvious reasons, Toronto isn’t short of Indian grocers, supplies, and restaurants as there are many to explore.

Meanwhile, getting around this city is a breeze, and although many locals bemoan the public transit system, Toronto is never really hard to get something within the downtown core of the city. Uber and Lyft are affordable, and if you’re looking for Entertainment, Bars, and Clubs, Toronto is the right city.

Toronto is a city that people from around the world learn to call home. This awesome land is located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. Again, it’s also one of the most cultural cities globally, making life here a wonderful multicultural experience. So, it’s better known as the center of many of Canada’s industries.

Pros and Cons of Living in Toronto

Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto As An Expat

As aforementioned, Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and there’s a reason it’s home to something about 6 million people. With incredible food, cultural diversity, and different things to explore, the capital of Ontario is a lively place to live. Without further ado, below are the pros and cons of living in Toronto.


Toronto Food

One of the wonderful things Toronto is known for is having some of the best international cuisines in the world. There’s not much you can’t grub in Toronto, and you’ll quickly find there are so many options you’ll have it challenging trying to find them all. Although it can be expensive, but you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Incredible Neighborhoods in Toronto

From bohemian vibes to historic districts, there’s no shortage of lively neighborhoods in the city. Moreover, if you’re trying to look for a place to live and may be close to work, we’ve got you covered with the best areas and suburbs to live in Toronto. And you can come here to explore lively streets.

Multicultural Diversity in Toronto

The sheer number of languages spoken in Toronto is incredibly more than 140, which speaks about the country’s diverse population. Toronto, like many other cities, has its challenges, but it also has some of the perks you can expect. And it’s occupied by different people across the different continents in the world.

Economic Opportunity in Toronto

If you’ve been looking for a career opportunity in arts, culture, media, or tech, Toronto may seem to be a great move for you. This is because; it’s one of the country’s economic powerhouses, and it offers economic stability and opportunity in a variety of fields, with an increasing focus on technology.

Low Crime Rates

Even with its multicultural diversity, Toronto seems to be one of the cities in the western world with an amazingly low crime rate. With that being said, Toronto is still a major city, and there are places where people should be careful. As of now, there’s still a low crime rate in the city, but expat should be careful.

High Standard of Living

What else would you expect in a country’s capital, if not an incredibly high standard of living? Besides, who wouldn’t want to live in a comfortable and somewhat luxurious city like Toronto? Of course, there are many reasons Toronto’s standard of living is considered one of the best in today’s 21st century.

First, the roads are enormous, and if you look at the cityscape, you’ll see large buildings and skyscrapers all over the place. Again, the roads are enormous, and here is a place to see 12-lane highways if you’ve never seen that before. Overall, Toronto has everything you need, so be ready to explore the city.

Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto As An Expat

Full of Amazing Opportunities for Expat

If Toronto is a bit expensive to live as a foreigner, you should also understand that it has amazing opportunities for expats. This is why finding work in the city isn’t going to be a problem. Meanwhile, people don’t come to Toronto to have a good life, but they come here to work. And since this is the largest city, Toronto is tech, financial, industrial, and also known as the commercial backbone of Canada.


High Cost of Living

The high cost of living can be one of the greatest disadvantages of living in Toronto. It’s more than just hosing costs that are expensive, but the overall cost of living in Toronto is high. From groceries to the internet, you’ll be paying high costs pretty much for everything in this city. Meanwhile, things are slightly cheaper a little outside of the city, but still quite expensive.

Not a Great Bike Lanes

If cycling is your preferred mode of transport, be aware that Toronto’s bike lanes aren’t a great option for you. The only bike lane you can use is the waterfront trail on Queens’s quay, which is actually very safe. So, if you like bikes as a means of transport, it’s better to check other cities in the country.

Unpredictable winters in Toronto

It’s no doubt that the winter season in Toronto is a miserable time for all foreigners and even the locals, especially after the holiday season when there’s nothing to look forward to besides spring. In addition, winter can start as early as October and end as late April, which is literally half the year. Also, winters here are definitely not as bad as other Canadian cities, but the locals of Toronto love to complain.

High Housing Costs in Toronto

If you’ve heard this on a different platform, always know that it’s true. And the city of Toronto is notorious for expensive houses and sky-high rents. Even the most minuscule bachelor or one-bedroom apartment in Toronto can cost significantly more than $1,000 per month. Besides, if you want affordable rent, you’ll have to do a lot of research to get the right one.

Unfriendly Locals

Many locals have reported that Torontonians are far from friendly, especially to strangers or emigrants moving to the country for the first time. If you remember that Toronto is a big city, you’ll also understand that large metropolitan areas have a reputation for being impersonal, and Toronto often lives up to this description.

Expect a Hot Summer

It’s Toronto’s proximity to the great lakes that make it has such humid summers. With all the concrete reflecting the sun, summer in Toronto can certainly get sweltering in the GTA, especially in the city. Aside from this, the hot summers of places near the Great Lakes, such as Toronto, sometimes surprise emigrants to the country.

Much Traffic and Congestion

For the same reasons we talked about other popular cities, Toronto has lots of traffic and congestion. So, while living in this country as an expat, don’t expect or assume that getting up and leaving early in the morning will be the fix you need. Therefore, it might help you that thousands of other people note this before coming to the country.

Best Areas and Suburbs to Live in Toronto

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Toronto is lively, busy, and full of amazing opportunities but is nowhere near the price of living in a similar city like New York. So, if you’re looking to relocate to one of the best cities in the world, it’s quite okay to choose the right neighborhood. Let’s quickly walk you through it.

Oakville (Suitable for Established Families)

Oakville is among the best place for expats to live, and at the same time, it’s the third best place to retire. Moreover, it emerged again as the fifth best place to raise a family in Canada for a good reason. This area natural harbor allowed it to become an important trade route in British North America from the early 1800s, and it has the stunning housing stock to prove it.


  • Foreigners should expect a beautiful piece of nature in Oakville.
  • You’ll be happy to hear the prices of real estate in this city because they are affordable
  • If you’re moving to Oakville for the first time, you’ll not have problems with the weather conditions.
  • The city of Oakville is home to many museums, art galleries, and various cultural events
  • Employment is available to foreigners in all ramifications

New Tecumseth (Suitable for Homesteaders)

New Tecumseth is another place for expat to live in Toronto. The locals here are always available to lend a helping hand, and it’s ranked one of the safest places to live in Canada. Not only that, but this area is very much an amalgamation of three rural villages, including Beeton, Tottenham, and Alliston.


  • There are very vibrant arts and cultural scenes in New Tecumseth
  • In this area, expat can find community services that meet many needs for you and your family
  • The New Tecumseth offers a great employment opportunity to foreigners moving to the country for the first time
  • Also, this area is ranked high in the wealth and economy as well as Health Accessibility categories.
  • It is a unique municipality that’s made up of three vibrant urban centers with beautiful rural surroundings which are home to prosperous farming and manufacturing industries.

Milton (Suitable for New House Lovers/Kids)

Milton is known as a classic suburb which Macleans voted the sixth-best place to live in Canada as of 2019. As one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, its development has astounded pretty much to what expats have been looking for. Without further ado, below are the benefits of living in Milton.


  • For historians, Milton has an active historical society engaged in learning about the country’s cultures and traditions.
  • Nature lovers will easily find a home in Milton as there are many areas to enjoy in the region
  • Research revealed that the town was more diverse than what you’d have think
  • If you enjoy different sporting activities, then Milton is the right place for you today
  • When choosing a new place to live, the cost of living in Milton is significantly considered

Newmarket (Suitable for Strong Economic Landscape)

Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto As An Expat

The Newmarket is a city just in the north of Toronto, and it has grown considerably since it was founded in 1800. Meanwhile, expats love this area mostly for its location. Also, it’s tight in between Toronto and the cottage country, which means that this city is perfect for families who want easy access to Ontario’s beautiful northern lakes, and the urban core. Let’s quickly walk you through the benefits of living in Newmarket.


  • If you’re willing to live in this community as an expat, be expecting a premium healthcare facility.
  • With easy access to all major highways, it’s an ideal place to do business
  • Newmarket’s low crime rates have positioned this place as one of the safest communities in the country
  • With over 6,500 recreation programs and more than 300 special events annually, there’s always something fun to do for the whole family and friends
  • There are several places you can explore to ensure that your future is full of promise, prosperity, and possibilities.

Whitby (A Place for Strong Local Economy)

Whitby is located in the center of Ontario’s Durham region, around 48 kilometers east of Toronto. The town’s location means that there is plenty to see and do, not only within Whitby itself but also outside of the town. Aside from this fact, you’ll see many historic streets, nature, green spaces, and cultural sites just waiting to be discovered.


  • Whether you’re planning to put down some roots or simply relocating with family, you should explore the great school system in Whitby.
  • For foreigners, there are many low-cost commercial properties to choose from for people thinking about moving or starting a business in Whitby.
  • Another reason for expat to relocate to this country is that the proximity to downtown Toronto and the economic hubs is quite convenient.
  • Thanks to the government of the country. This is because; you’ll enjoy a superb quality of life, employment opportunities, and education in the town.
  • Whitby is crammed with great places to eat and enjoy yourself as a foreigner. In fact, Skinner Street is a good way to start, while the Cranberry Swamp is known as a haven for those who need a gluten-free option.

Burlington (A Place to Enjoy Outdoor Activities)

Best Areas and Suburbs To Live in Toronto As An Expat

The city of Burlington lies on the shore of Lake Ontario about 50 km. With this beautiful area, you’ll enjoy different outdoor activities and many others, to mention a few. There’s something for everyone in this area, from stunning gardens to exquisite dining. Let’s quickly walk you through the benefits of this area.


  • The art gallery of Burlington is the seventh-largest public gallery in the province, with a 4,100 square meter gallery
  • You can walk along the pier and feel the wind in your hair as you admire the views
  • Going on a walking tour of this historic part of the city is an incredible thing to explore
  • In Burlington, the iconic discovery landing building faces the lake and is an excellent place to watch the weather.
  • This is a place where you can explore the two historic buildings in Burlington that are now museums.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toronto

Why is Toronto so important to Ontario?

Toronto is located on the Northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, which forms part of the border between Canada and the United States of America, and its access to Atlantic shipping becomes an important international trading center.

Why is Toronto so special?

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, with a population now of almost 5.6 million. Aside from this fact, Toronto is known as the world’s fourth most livable city. Not only that, but there are many outdoor activities and nearly up to 8,000 restaurants. Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and it’s also one of the best destinations for expat.

Why Should I not live in Toronto?

Despite the advantages, we’ve mentioned above, plus its multicultural diversity, and the fact that it makes for a great travel destination, Toronto counts as one of the most expensive housing. Besides, expat may have to battle constantly with traffic, congestion, and long commute times.

Is Toronto a boring city to live in today?

That’s why we stated earlier that Toronto is one of the most fascinating, totally boring cities to live in the world. As an expat, you’ll have to get used to the system because it’s one of the most diverse cities. So, follow our expat guide to know more about living in Canada as a whole.

Is living in Canada better than in the UK?

As of today’s digital world, we can say that living in Canada is quite affordable compared to that of the United Kingdom. However, there are some prevalent differences between the different people, which are perhaps not surprising given the geographical distance between them plus the vast size difference between the two lands.

Do I need to provide the COVID-19 test result?

Testing is required for all foreigners moving to the country for the first time regardless of their home country. At the country’s global locations, safety precautions are necessary, including daily health assessments, face-covering protocols, healthy distancing protocols, and daily temperature checks.

Are hand sanitizer stations available in Toronto?

Of course, yes! A hand sanitizer station is available, and you’ll need to protect yourself during your first visitation. With this in mind, ensure that you have a hand sanitizer with a certain percentage of alcohol while coming to any city in Canada.

Expat Guide/Tips for Moving to Toronto

While Toronto is by no means perfect, it gives its residents a lot to be thankful for. With millions of immigrants, foreign workers, and international students, the benefits of living in Toronto and its neighborhood cannot be overemphasized. Below are some of the expat guides to living in Toronto.

  • Public transit or commuting in Toronto can be challenging at first
  • Toronto as a city has a four-season city, with sweltering summers and sopping wet springs
  • Buying/renting an apartment in Toronto is quite expensive
  • There are a lot of opportunities for expats moving to the country for the first time
  • Toronto is a city of beaches and parks, while there are some great things to eat


While the best city to live in Canada is Toronto, there are many places to explore as an expat. From our research and methodology, we’ve given you an ultimate ranking suitable for expats wanting to live in Toronto’s neighborhood. For more information regarding Toronto and its environment, follow here.

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