Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore part 2 – where can you explore?

Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore part 2 – Part one is here.

Best Places Suitable for Expats to Explore in Singapore

Singapore is a treasure trove of attractions from nature to man-made. Every day, over 20 million people come from all corners of the world to see its beauty. If you are one among them, then this article is for you. Read on to find out about 6 of Singapore’s top tourist attractions:

The Merlion

Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore

The Merlion is Singapore’s unofficial mascot and one of its most famous tourist attractions. It’s a giant statue of a lion head with a fish body that sits on top of the Merlion Park in the Marina Bay district. Also, there’s a really cool view of the city from the park’s top. That’s why it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore.

The Gardens by the Bay

Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay are a cool place to visit for people who like plants and flowers or just want to take some lovely Instagram photos. You can walk through and see these super tall trees and big green plants, and there’s also this cool section called the Flower Dome where all the plants are flowers.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Skypark is a must-see for people who enjoy taking selfies of themselves standing on top of tall buildings and structures. The view from up here is absolutely stunning, and you get to see all of Singapore! You can also go shopping and clubbing inside Marina Bay Sands, which is pretty cool.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world, and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in town. It’s home to over 2,500 animals from more than 315 species, including elephants, tigers, and orangutans. Plus, the zoo is set in a beautiful rainforest landscape, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re into nature.

The Chinatown Heritage Centre

Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore
M8PBKK Colourful shophouses on Pagoda Street, Chinatown, Outram District, Central Area, Singapore Island (Pulau Ujong), Singapore

The Chinatown Heritage Centre is a cool place to visit if you want to learn more about Singapore’s history and culture. It’s home to multimedia exhibits that tell the story of Singapore’s Chinese immigrants and how they helped shape modern Singapore into a major metropolis. Plus, the Centre itself is an architectural masterpiece that looks really cool.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a famous riverside entertainment zone filled with bars, restaurants, and shops that have transformed the Singapore River from a polluted eyesore into one of its most popular attractions. Moreover, you can explore the river by water taxi, which is definitely worth it if you’re into boats.

Brief Review of the Pros of Living in Singapore

Singapore is a very special city country. Even though it’s small, it is teeming with culture and beauty. It truly has something for everyone!   Here I will list the seven top reasons you should come and live in Singapore as a foreigner.

Incredible Food

The food in Singapore is so rich and unique that you’ll never get tired of it. I am always hungry for Singaporean food, even when I’ve just had a huge meal! There’s one dish in particular that I absolutely love, called the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Do yourself a favor and try it when you come to Singapore! You’ll be hooked.

Friendly Locals

The locals in Singapore are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever met. They will always go out of their way to help you, whether by giving you directions or just striking up a conversation. You’ll be sure to make some lifelong friends during your time here. And this is a great place to practice your Singaporean Singlish!

Safe and Secure

Singapore is one of the safest and most secure places in the world to live. You can walk around at night without having to worry about being mugged or attacked. This makes expat life much less stressful and allows you to focus on enjoying all that Singapore has to offer. In addition, the Singaporean government is very efficient at handling emergencies and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

Great Infrastructure

Best Areas and Suburbs in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best infrastructures in the world. The roads are well-maintained, public transportation is reliable and efficient, and plenty of parks and open spaces to enjoy. This makes life as a foreigner in Singapore very easy and comfortable. Besides, the government spends a lot of money on infrastructure, so it’s nice to know that you’re reaping the benefits.

Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Singapore is very low compared to other countries in the West. You can buy a meal at a hawker center for two or three dollars and rent a whole house for as little as $400 per month. You can’t beat that! This makes life as a foreigner in Singapore very attractive financially. However, even though the cost of living is low, Singapore has no problem paying its government workers high salaries.

High Salary Potential

With only 5 million, there is incredible demand for good English speakers in Singapore. So if you know how to speak English well, then you have a perfect chance of getting a job here that pays well. In fact, many foreigners in Singapore make more money than they would back home. The salary potential is definitely high here.

Amazing Shopping

Singapore is one of the best places in the world for shopping and bargains, especially since the Singapore dollar is currently worth more than an American dollar! You can find anything you want here: clothes, souvenirs, electronics, and even groceries and basic household supplies at stores like Mustafa Centre. Also, you will undoubtedly enjoy the unique Singaporean shopping experience.

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