Best Areas And Suburbs In Brussels part 2 – what are the best things to do?

Best Areas And Suburbs In Brussels part 2 – Part one is here.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brussels as an Expat

As an expat, you may find yourself craving a little memory from home while enjoying your new life in Brussels. Luckily, the city has a few top-rated tourist attractions that will not only transport you back to your old stomping grounds but also give you a taste of the local culture and history. Without further ado, below are the tourist attractions to visit in Brussels.


Best Areas And Suburbs In Brussels

Built for the 1958 World’s Fair, this interesting structure resembling a unit cell of an iron crystal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brussels. The Atomium stands 102 meters tall, and it has nine spheres connected via tubes containing escalators and stairs, giving visitors a close-up view of what is going on underneath all those metal spheres.

Manneken Pis

Best Areas And Suburbs In Brussels

This little boy doing his business might be one of the most famous Belgian landmarks, but do not let that stop you from checking it out! This bronze statue represents the legendary story of Brussels’ famous fountain.

A local legend says a young Brussels’ prince was kidnapped by soldiers and taken away to this city’s enemies. Since he managed to escape and make his way back to Brussels, the people of the city were so happy that they erected a statue in his honor, depicting him relieving himself.

Grand Place

Best Areas And Suburbs In Brussels

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Brussels. The square is surrounded by stunning architecture, including the Town Hall, which is modeled after the design of Paris’ City Hall.

It’s worth seeing during the day, but it’s even more impressive when illuminated at night. Moreover, the square is always lively and buzzing with people, making it the perfect place to take a break and drink or bite to eat.

Brussels’ so-called “Royal Quarter” is located north of Grand Place, and it includes some interesting buildings, including the former Palace of Justice, which stands in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange. This is where you will also find the Royal Palace, home to the Belgian royal family.

Comic Strip Centre

Best Areas And Suburbs In Brussels

This museum dedicated to Belgium’s comic strip art is a must-visit for all comic book fans. It not only displays original artworks from some of the country’s most famous comic artists but also includes a comic book store and a café. Also, watching an original animation in one of the museum’s screening rooms is a truly unique experience.


If you’re looking for things to do in Brussels with kids, this is the place to go! As the name implies, this unique museum features themed miniature replicas of some of Europe’s most famous landmarks, such as Big Ben or the Roman Colosseum. Meanwhile, visitors can enjoy a scenic ride with the Eiffel Tower or go on an imaginary journey to the North Pole.

Boulevard Botanique

Basically, every city has its own famous shopping street, and in Brussels, that’s Boulevard Botanique. Here you’ll find stores for fashion, beauty products, accessories, and much more. And if you’re hungry or just looking to have a drink with friends, there are lots of cafés and restaurants here too. This way, you not only get a chance to eat at some of the city’s most popular spots but also do a little shopping along the way.

Pros of Living in Brussels as an Expat

Considering the fact that the Belgian capital isn’t very well-known, you might have questions about why you should live there. And it’s true, for outsiders, Brussels might seem like a boring place to live in. But once you go further into its history, culture, and structure of living, you’ll be surprised by how interesting this city is. Here are seven pros of living in Brussels as an expat.

Brussels Is the Heart of Europe

Located very centrally between Europe’s capitals, Brussels has often been called ‘The Capital of the World.’ It is very easy to reach any destination on the continent within a few hours, if not direct flights.

As an expat living in Brussels, you will benefit from the European Union’s presence there. Moreover, it is a vital center of administration and commerce within Europe, which makes more employment opportunities – both nationally and internationally – available for those who are looking to work here.

The City Has a Prestigious History

As the home of the European Union and a number of other important international institutions, Brussels has a long and prestigious history. This is something that is very evident in the architecture and culture of the city. There are many museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks to explore here.

The City Is Bilingual

Since French and Dutch are official languages in Brussels, it’s a great place to learn or improve your language skills. In addition, many people here also speak English quite well, so you won’t have any trouble getting around or communicating with others.

The City Is Very Multicultural

Due to its history and status as the capital of the European Union, Brussels is home to people from all over Europe, as well as citizens from Africa and the Middle East. This means that there are lots of international restaurants catering to everyone’s particular tastes, different cultural events taking place throughout the year, and an overall sense of diversity that you wouldn’t find in many other places.

It also contributes positively to what makes Brussels so multicultural is the fact that the city is very open-minded and tolerant of different cultures and religions.

The City Is Very Green

Despite being a bustling metropolis, Brussels is surprisingly green. This is due to the fact that a lot of the city’s open spaces have been reserved for parks and gardens. In addition, many trees line the streets, which provide shade in the summer and make the city feel a lot more spacious.

The City Is Well-Connected

As mentioned before, Brussels is very well-connected to the rest of Europe. But it’s also easy to get around within the city itself. There is an abundance of buses, trams, and metro lines which make traveling around very easy, no matter which area of the city you’re staying in.

The Belgian Beer Culture

Belgians are known for their love of beer, and there is no shortage of bars and cafés to enjoy this favorite drink with others. A must-try is ‘Leffe,’ a tasty local variety with abbey origins. There are also many beer festivals and fairs throughout the year to try a wide selection of Belgian beer.

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