Are International Schools In Singapore Worth It?

Are International Schools In Singapore Worth It? – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Finding a good school in today’s world is already a dramatic, tedious task for any parent, but it is even more problematic for expat. Of course, there are over 30 international schools that you can choose from, but not all of them tick all the boxes. Now, do you think going to international schools is worth it?

From cost to curriculum, there are many challenges faced by expat parents when searching for the right international schools. On the other hand, you should check whether the teachers and staff are very responsive and dedicated to the wellbeing of the children. Well, does that really affect the Singapore educational system?

Are International Schools In Singapore Worth It?

As said in our previous post, there are many international schools. However, choosing the right one is essential, especially to enable your children to have a sound educational background. The right school for your child can make all the difference in their successful academic career and become useful.

The good news is that there are many options in education beyond the public school down the street today. On the flip side, the bad news is that the abundance of possibilities often leaves parents in a quandary over how to choose the best environment for their children. So, check what we have for you.

Today, our main focus is on international schools in Singapore. Do you think going to the international schools in Singapore is worth it? What are the benefits derived from studying in the best international schools? Well, worry less, as we’re here to provide the best answers to the questions mentioned above.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best School in Singapore

Are International Schools In Singapore Worth It?

Before we dive into the main topic of the day, it’s quite essential to understand the tips for choosing the right one. High school is a necessary time of life that sets the stage for the rest of a child’s academic and professional future. To help you in this seemingly daunting task, take a look at the ten tips below.

1.    Define Your Children’s Need

Undoubtedly, some children work better in a structured learning environment, while others thrive in a classroom that allows students to guide the process. At first, you may need to check the school’s curriculum and disciplinary policies to determine whether the environment will be a good fit for the child.

2.    Understand Your Child’s Learning Style

Understanding your child’s learning style is another thing to put into consideration. You need to understand the kind of style (whether visual or individual learning style) that works better for your child. Does your child have learning disabilities? If so, you need to understand the specific offer the school promise.

3.    Weigh Your Options before Enrolling

Today, you need to extend your research to know the best international schools in the country. In our previous post, we mentioned more or about ten best international schools in Singapore. Therefore, it is essential to research all the schools in the vicinity if you genuinely want to ensure the best choice for your children.

4.    Consider Diversity and Environment

In no doubt, diversity and environment are the crucial things to put into consideration. While learning facilities are crucial, a diverse student body can benefit all high school students. This way, you need to check whether the school you plan to enroll your children in has the necessary facilities and diversity for an effective learning process.

5.    Examine Alumni Success and Test Score

Before you enroll your child in the best international school, you need to know and examine the alumni’s success and the student’s test score. Do they represent the school when it comes to the competition? How can you weigh their achievements? These are the questions you need to consider before choosing the best international schools, especially in Singapore today.

6.    Look at Their Academic Program and Curriculum

Since the schools are international, you need to know the kind of curriculum they’re using. While some international schools prefer to use the British curriculum, others go ahead with the American type. Aside from this fact, take a look at the academic program available at a particular school.

Besides, you may be looking for an advanced placement or international baccalaureate program that challenges academic achievers with a more rigorous curriculum. Some parents may choose dual enrolment that allows students to earn college credits while still in high school.

7.    Choice of Extracurricular Opportunities

In all international schools, and extracurricular opportunity plays a crucial role. They are activities that run the gamut from sports teams to drama and technology clubs. Larger international schools tend to have a more comprehensive selection of extracurricular options. Still, if the smaller private school offers the specific programs your child is looking for, that could end up as a better fit.

That’s why it’s always good to find out what programs the school offers, which programs get the most attention and funding, and whether participation in extracurricular activities is required at the high school you choose.

8.    Consider Practical Factors

This is another thing to consider when you’re choosing the right international schools and its standard. Practical factors must come into play for parents to drive students to and from school every day, finding a school nearby or one that offers transportation. If a private international school is on the table, you should assess their budget to determine whether tuition costs are feasible.

9.    Always Observe School in Action

Once you have narrowed your choices to a handful of schools, you need to see the school environment in action. Moreover, we recommend that you visit the school on a regular class day. You can observe teachers interacting with students in the classroom and students interacting between class periods. So, look for engagement between teachers and students, positive and orderly behavior, and administrators to talk to parents.

10. Know Your Child’s Decision

Asking what your child wants is crucial in ensuring that they start on the right foot with their academic or professional career. These tips mentioned earlier will help you find the school that fits your child best and promises the best possible outcomes, now or in the future.

Are International Schools in Singapore Worth it?

Of course, we can confidently tell you that the international schools in Singapore are worth it. Since they prepare the students for worldwide success in the future, the opportunities and exposure are unparalleled compared to the kind of exposure you get in other schools in the world.

At Singapore international schools, your children will get hands-on experience and practical knowledge. Aside from this fact, the teachers practice active learning rather than passive learning. Not only that, but the students also get the opportunity to participate in Olympiads, sports meets, competitions, and more that could help them stand out from the crowd, as this later pays off when applying for universities.

But more so, the best international schools in Singapore teach essential life skills, cultural acceptance, and emotional intelligence that ensures success anywhere you go in the world. Meanwhile, students graduating from this school end up working for the top firms abroad and get to experience what the world has to offer.

Are International Schools In Singapore Worth It?

Benefits of Studying In an International School

The international schools in Singapore are certainly getting a lot more popularity. In fact, parents are always thinking about their kids getting to study there because of the benefits it brings into play. In this section, we will walk you through the benefits you will be getting through admission to an international school in Singapore; check it out now.

1)    Distinguish and International Environment

While you’ll benefit from the international environment after getting yourself admitted to the international school, they’ll help the students get a taste of different cultures and exclusively enhance their children’s ability to adapt and grow.

Not only that, but the teachers will help you understand the different cultures that can certainly help one get to make the most out of different opportunities that come to your children’s way.

2)    Academic Excellent

Academic excellent is another factor to consider when planning to study in any international school. Individuals will benefit with excellence all the way while getting themselves admitted to an international school. Of course, they have experts to guide you through the curriculum that’d give the benefits of covering all the essential aspects accepted worldwide.

3)    Qualified Educational Teachers

Another benefit you’ll get when you enroll your child in the best international school in Singapore is qualified educators. Yes, you’ll have an excellent faculty at your service, which will give you complete guidance on different aspects of your subject. Not only that, but they’ll always be available to help the students through their educational needs.

4)    Excellent Educational Facilities

The benefits of using excellent educational facilities in higher education cannot be overemphasized. The international schools will always give you an experience of superb facilities which are not only practical and conductive but also help you get the maximum learning opportunities. Also, you’ll have classrooms equipped with advanced facilities, which will undoubtedly help you get the maximum out of your potential.

5)    Precise in STEM Education

With international schools, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from future proof of STEM education. This is because; it brings you an applied and interdisciplinary approach to your Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math academic needs. Therefore, this will help you more while getting excellent opportunities in the respective domain of study.

6)    Focus on Value and Exclusive Arts Education

International schools today are working hard in helping students avail themselves of the maximum facility in the art domain. Aside from this fact, they’re always supporting someone with excellent artistry skills and giving them all the backing they need to express their talent in the most promising way. Again, they focus on moral values that will benefit students from excellent knowledge. In this way, international schools such as diligence, discipline, compassion, and many more have an advantage on your children.

7)    Experiential Learning and innovation

Some of the best international schools in Singapore promise innovative skills that help children achieve their goals. And with these skills, your kids will have the amazing features of being holistically developed and get the experiential learning they need. Not only that, but the schools will be organizing trips to summer camps, museums, and many others to help them with the best of their understanding.

7 Best Things to Do in Singapore

Whether you’re looking to dip your toes in the sea or get in touch with nature while you’re studying in the best international school in Singapore, you need to read further. In this section, we will walk you through the best outdoor activities in Singapore. Without much talk, take a look at the best places below.

Explore the Beaches at Sentosa

Singapore’s version of Palawan is a lot smaller than its Filipino counterpart. On the other hand, there’s still lots to do at Palawan Beach in Sentosa, yet another island off the mainland that is chock-full of outdoor activities in Singapore.

An adult may prefer Tanjong Beach, but it is among the right place for volleyball courts, and there are lots of spaces for Frisbee or beach soccer. More so, the entrance is free, and it’s usually open 24 hours. And one funny thing is that dogs are welcome here, and on weekends, you’re likely to see lots of good boys playing fetch across the beach.

Have Family Fun at East Coast Park

Having fun at East Coast Park is another awesome place to have fun in Singapore. This East Coast Park is a chill place, but there’s a lot to do for adventure seekers too. You can pop an Ollie at the Xtreme Skatepark built to international competition standards or catch some hang time at the Singapore Wake Park, all located in and around East Coast Park.

Exploring Rustic Coney Island

Best combined with a trip to Punggol waterway, rustic Coney Island Park houses a variety of habitats, including coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands. In this attraction, you can rent a bicycle at the nearby Punggol point Park for about $8 and above per hour. Also, the entrance fee is free, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the fun that it brings.

Take a Slide at Admiralty Park

This hilly expanse in the north holds the honor of having more slides than any other park in the country. It’s a whopping 26 of them, including the longest and widest ones. Moreover, you can head to the Junior Play area if you have toddlers between two to five years old. On the flip side, the students or children can amuse themselves with the cargo nets, tube slides, and sand play area, as well as a wide Family Slide that can accommodate up to four people at the same time.

Go Wild at Jurong Lake Gardens

Whether it’s a casual stroll through gardens, nature trails, and grasslands, or embarking on the 36km coast-to-coast cycling trail that extends to Coney Island Park, Jurong Lake Gardens in the west of Singapore has it all. Here, you can even kayak or walk on the meandering Rasau Walk boardwalk along the edges of the freshwater swamp habitat. Dog lovers can also let their pups run free in this place.

Zip through Sidecars Tour

The Zip through sidecars is a place to enjoy a refreshing new light from a sidecar of a Vespa. Here, you can get a fresh new perspective by going on a breezy vacation around the city seated in the sidecar of a vintage Vespa.

Aside from that, you can explore both daytime and night-time tours, as well as those focused on particular heritage sites, such as Tiong Bahru & Tanglin and Joo Chiat & Katong. This way, if you want something more unconventional, the crazy rich Asians tour will take you around some of the movie locations.

Go Kayaking in Singapore

Paddle the waterways of Mandai Rivers with tour company Kayakasi, and explore one of Singapore’s most crucial mixed mangrove areas. While you’re enjoying your time here, you can spot the world’s largest resident population of mangrove horseshoe crabs and see if you can find remnants of the old Kampong Fatimah, one of the last kampongs in Singapore, located near the causeway.

Mountain Bike at Chestnut Park

We can tell you that, at 81 hectares, Chestnut Nature Park is Singapore’s largest nature park. It consists of a northern and southern region, separated by the narrow road of Chestnut Avenue, which has separate trails for hiking and mountain biking to ensure safety. Here, you can look out for native tree species such as the Singapore Walking-Stick Palm and Braided Chestnut.

Go bird-watching on Coney Island

This is the last outdoor activity on our list. For a family day of biking, beach time, wildlife spotting, and obstacle courses try Singapore’s own Coney Island. Through land reclamation began in the 1970s, the 133-hectare island was officially opened to the public in 2015. In this place, cyclists can journey along a bumpy but easy 2.5km sandy path. If you prefer to walk, the mangrove boardwalk is an ideal place for a scenic stroll.

Frequently Asked Questions about Singapore Education

Are Singapore students smart?

When it comes to Singapore’s educational system, we can confidently tell you that the country has been scientifically proven to be the country with the highest amount of intelligent students in recent years. In fact, this happens before they even get to primary school. And this is because; education seems to be especially valued in Asian countries.

Which country has the highest IQ?

As of the time of writing this article, we can tell you that Singapore is still taking the lead. Other countries beneath Singapore in the highest IQ ranking include Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, and many others, to mention a few.

Does Singapore provide free education?

In Singapore, the system includes six years of primary school, four to six years of secondary school, and one to three years of postsecondary school. However, subject-based banding currently exists in the country, and the goal is to have full subject-based banding in all secondary schools by 2024.

Are international schools in Singapore worth it?

Undoubtedly, international schools in Singapore are expensive. Still, they are worth the high cost, including all the building fees, land fees, development fees, overseas travel fees, and many others, to mention a few. A few more affordable options have appeared in recent years, they have not made a large impact on the market.

Who can go to this international school?

Of course, international schools are meant for everyone to attend. If your child is a Singaporean dual-nationality passport holder or has one parent who is a Singaporean and applying for Grade 1 and above, you have to seek approval from the Singaporean Ministry of Education. On the other hand, you can go to any international school in Singapore if you can afford to pay the fee, qualify for the admission process, and many others, to mention a few.

Can expat go to local schools in Singapore?

 Broadly speaking, the answer is YES! Expats from any part of the world can go to local or international schools in Singapore. Aside from this fact, there are two different types of schools in Singapore, which are the international schools and the local schools. While the lower fees are almost certainly a consideration for many expats attending local schools, it is valued, and foreigners can enroll as well.

What are the best primary schools in Singapore?

If you decide to choose a primary school to enroll your children in, there are many places to consider in Singapore. Some of the best primary schools in the country include; Methodist Girl’s school primary, St Margaret primary school, Catholic High School primary, Ai tong primary school, and many others.

Are public schools in Singapore good?

Singapore’s public schools frequently rank among the best globally, especially on maths and science lists. Not only is that, but their reputation for academic excellence springs from a robust commitment to competitive education. So, we can confidently tell you that the public schools in Singapore are good.


The Singapore international school offers first-class education compared to what you’ll see in other countries. Spaces at best are limited, and the schools are worth it even though they are expensive. Therefore, it would be better to enroll your child now if you want a quality education at its peak.

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