A Guide To Healthcare System In The Cayman Islands part 3 – Best Health Insurance

A Guide To Healthcare System In The Cayman Islands part 3 – Here can be found Part 1 and Part 2.

Health Insurance Providers in the Cayman Islands

A Guide To Healthcare System In The Cayman Islands part 3

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea. Although it is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, it has an independent economy and is governed by its own national government.

The health care system in the Cayman Islands is managed solely by the government, which operates public hospitals and clinics that provide subsidized medical services for all its residents. Health insurance in the Cayman Islands is provided by The Government Health Insurance Office (GHIO).

This non-profit public entity provides health coverage for the entire population, except for employees of the offshore business sector who are covered by their employer’s international insurance plan. As the main insurer of all citizens, GHIO contracts directly with medical clinics and hospitals nationwide.

The government also offers additional health insurance through private services such as MediShield. Medishield Insurance Company Limited is a licensed insurance company in the Cayman Islands that provides international indemnity and non-resident travel insurance to expatriate employees of offshore companies and their dependents for up to three years after departure.

However, many people choose to purchase private health insurance plans outside of the government due to seeking care abroad at lower cost, faster access to healthcare services, and quality of care is often better than what they would receive from the public sector. There are at least five established international private health insurance providers in the Cayman Islands.

Many expatriates choose to be covered by one of these private health insurance companies, which can provide them with the highest standard of health care services without waiting for months for treatment. The following is a brief description of five private International Health Insurance providers in the Cayman Islands.

A Guide To Healthcare System In The Cayman Islands part 3


International offers health insurance policies to expatriates and their families who need comprehensive coverage worldwide. They have a wide network of hospitals worldwide that provide medical treatment on their behalf, as well as a variety of private physicians that accept their fees as payment in full.

Cigna TTK

Cigna TTK is one of the oldest and largest private health insurance providers in India. They are licensed to provide international health insurance services across Asia, the Middle East, and the Africa region, including the Cayman Islands.

Medical Insurance Company (MIC)

Medical Insurance Company offers plans that can be customized according to your needs at lower costs than most other companies in the Cayman Islands. They are committed to providing their customers access to high-quality medical care at affordable rates.

NNB Global Insurance Company

NNB Global Insurance Company is a privately owned insurance provider that has insured healthcare services in 150 countries worldwide since 1976. They offer both individual and family health plans to expats who want to be covered for their entire stay abroad, as well as for a short-term visit.

Swiss Medical

Swiss Medical has been providing international health insurance to expatriates and business travelers since 1985. They provide access to more than 100 medical facilities, including private physicians and hospitals worldwide, with customer care available 24/7 in English, French, and Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cayman Island

A Guide To Healthcare System In The Cayman Islands part 3

What should I take with me when I visit the dentist?

Write down your name and phone number on a piece of paper to give to the dentist, just in case he needs to call you during the day! Pack everything you need for yourself: your hygiene tools, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, or any personal items. You can also take a book with you if you feel like reading during the appointment.

Is internet access limited on this island?

Yes, it’s true that internet access is limited on this island. The Cayman Islands are an offshore financial center, so they have extremely tight data protection laws to protect their clients’ privacy. Thus, internet service providers can only offer their services to companies that have obtained an official business license from the Cayman Islands government.

How can I find the nearest dentist?

You can use online directories or ask your general practitioner for advice. In order to avoid misunderstandings and wrong addresses, it’s better to call beforehand and make an appointment. Besides, this way you can confirm the address and ask any questions.

Where to find medical help in Cayman Island?

First of all, dial 911 to get your emergency case handled. The police officers will direct you to the necessary place, whether an ambulance or a hospital. If this is not something urgent, see your general practitioner. He will send you to a specialist or give you a medical certificate, if necessary. Check out this directory to find the nearest general practitioner in your area.


The healthcare system in Cayman Island is different from other countries because the Cayman Islands have many separate statutory health insurers. This means that patients are free to choose their GP without being restricted by which insurer they have. Nonetheless, refer to this article to know more.

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