15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan part 2 – pros & cons of holiday in Japan

15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan part 2 – Part one is here.

Overview of the Pros & Cons of Holiday in Japan

15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan

Japan is a beautiful country that has retained its history and tradition hundreds of years ago. The culture and tradition in Japan travel worldwide by travelers who go for a vacation to Japan every year.

Although there are many pros of holidaying in Japan, due to some unforeseen circumstances, not everything is as rosy as they seem to be. This article will highlight the pros and cons of holidays in Japan.

Travel to Japan Is Fast and Easy

The Tokyo airport is one of the busiest airports in the world because many people travel there for vacation or to visit relatives and friends. Due to its busyness, it has amazing amenities to make traveling enjoyable.

For example, the airport offers free electrical chargers that you can use to charge your cellphone or laptop. Moreover, they have huge rest areas where you can sleep for free until your flight is scheduled to depart. If traveling isn’t really your thing and privacy is important to you, then you can stay in one of their many hotels within the airport complex.

The cost of traveling to Japan is relatively cheap. One can buy a flight ticket for as low as $ 400, which is great, especially if you are not earning much money at your job. On the other hand, the country will be more expensive for first-timers who have never visited before due to their lack of knowledge about how things work in Japan.

Get To Experience Some Culture

Japan has retained its beautiful culture and heritage passed down to them by their ancestors. They have beautiful shrines visited all-round the year by many people who walk around in religious clothes.

For example, they have ancient structures like the Fushimi Inari Shrine, where one can go and pray to the gods so that they can be blessed. People who want to experience this beautiful culture should visit Japan during the spring season because it is their most beautiful time of the year.

Relax in the Beautiful Nature of Japan

15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan

One of the beauties about Japan is its beautiful nature which is full of mountains and rivers. A little walk around the town will give you a breathtaking view which you can enjoy as you take selfies with your friends without having to worry about embarrassing moments. The countryside will also give you some peace and quietness that most large cities cannot offer.

The Food in Japan is Delicious

The food is great in Japan, and they add a little bit of their twist to everything. One can purchase Japanese meals from famous restaurants that sell miso soup, ramen noodles, fried rice, and sushi, among others which you will be able to enjoy at cheap prices. Also, there are many local eateries where one can go and buy some omelets and steaks at a very cheap price.

Short Distance from the Rest of the World

Japan is located near the Asian continent, making it easy for travelers from all over the world to fly there without any issues. In addition, they have many direct flights to different parts of Asia, which makes it easy to travel to other countries from there. Moreover, it is geographically located to visit China, Indonesia, and Vietnam within a short period.

The Country Has a Perfect Climate

Japan has a perfect climate and temperature all year round, making the country more convenient for travelers who want to enjoy their holiday. At some point during the year, it may get a little bit cold, especially during winter because of their heavy snowfall, but once the seasons change, the weather will become pleasant, and you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about any discomfort.

15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan

The Cons of Holiday in Japan

Unsettling Climate

Japan, like most Asian countries, has an unsettled climate that is hot during the summer season and cold during the winter months. This will make it hard for people to adapt, especially if you come from a country with moderate weather conditions.

During the winter season, temperatures can get as low as 10 degrees which is not a pleasant experience, especially when it rains. One also has to put on warm clothes during the cold season because the wet conditions make everything uncomfortable.

Lonely Life

Japan is famous for its thriving communities that always ensure that everyone lives in peace and harmony. If you are looking for some adventure, this country might not be the ideal destination for you because most people are not open to new experiences. Moreover, there is no much tourism in this country which means that there are barely any cafes or tours agencies that can take you around town.

15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan

Inconvenient Transportation

The transportation system in Japan is sound, but it gets very inconvenient when in large cities like Tokyo. They have an extremely large population which means that most of their cities are crowded with cars and other vehicles. One might also find it difficult to go around these cities because many locals will not offer you some form of assistance, especially if you are a foreigner.

Traveling does not need to be expensive, but planning your trip is the key to a cheap and affordable trip. Make sure you plan for the famous destinations that you definitely need to visit, but also decide how long you want to stay in each of these places on your travel itinerary before booking your flight or hotel rooms.


Japan is a country known for its high population and incredible technology. Despite all the controversy surrounding it, such as whaling and nuclear energy, Japan remains a top-rated tourist destination. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry now, and get your visa!

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