10 Best Places to Live In Italy As An Expat

10 Best Places to Live In Italy As An Expat – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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If you’ve been considering moving to Italy but you’re still convinced of the right place, it’s high time you focus on this article. Although we think of Italy as a wholly blissful country, but there are many things to explore. You’ll find that north and south are hugely different. But, have you checked the pros and cons?

If that sounds like a no, you need to go through our previous post. We compiled earlier the benefits of relocating to Italy. Here, we discussed about the pros and cons, benefits, what makes the country special, and many others, to mention a few. Aside from this fact, you still need to know why Italy is unique.

We could go on for days mentioning all the reasons that make Italy an incredible place to live. From the ancient buildings, metro areas, and coastal regions, this country is full of amazing towns and spectacular benefits. Moreover, it’s stunning that in some cases, the hardest part is to locate the right places to live.

However, to help you decide what part of the country is suitable for you, we have compiled a list of notable cities. Have you been surfing the internet to get the right places to live, but it seems difficult? You need not worry again as this is the right platform for you. Does that sound interesting to you?

Well, in this article, we will walk you through the benefits of living in Italy again. Aside from this fact, we’ll proceed to explaining the concepts behind living in expats, what to enjoy, and the cost of living. Also, we will walk you through the top ten places to live in Italy as an expat. Read further to know more.

Interesting Facts about Italy Today

10 Best Places to Live In Italy As An Expat

It’s no surprise that me and you love Italy! In fact, it’s one of our favorite destinations in today’s digital world. More so, we have to admit that we knew quite a lot about the country, but we hope what we are about to unleash will leave you surprised. Without further ado, below are the interesting facts about Italy.

Once Part of Ancient Greece

Many people don’t know, but we’re telling you today that much of Italy used to be part of Ancient Greece. In fact, the Romans used to call the whole of Sicily and the foot of the boot of Italy Greater Greece. Amazingly, some pockets of Greek cultures have remained in the country to this day. Besides, the tiny Girko community speaks a form of the Greek language that’s believed to derive from the colonies of Magna Graecia.

Home to Europe’s Oldest University

Perhaps one of the best-known facts about Italy is that the University of Bologna was founded in 1088. And since its inception, it has been the oldest university in the world. Again, of the top ten oldest universities in the world, four of them are based in Italy. So, you could give it a trial by learning in one of the best universities in the country.

Italy Police Use Lamborghinis

If one thing is for sure, Italian car thieves might be rare. And this is because; the police car is quite expensive. Then again, there are expensive cars used by common people in the country. However, if you’re looking or wanting to see the latest Lamborghinis products, Italy is the right place.

Superstitious is Rampant

In today’s 21st century, it’s quite commonly suggested that Italians might be the most superstitious countries in the world. Let’s quickly walk you through some of the superstitions in the country.

  • Dropping olive oil into a bowl of water is prohibited
  • Wearing the Corno amulet to ward off curses on men’s manliness
  • As an expat or local, don’t let you’re broom touch your feet when someone is cleaning the floor
  • You’ll be praised whenever you hear a cat sneeze in any location
  • Always placing a loaf of bread face up, lest you affront Jesus Christ

Locals are Generous

If you’re lucky enough to be entertained in any Italian home, you’ll be well aware of just how generous Italian people are to guests, and this is much when it comes to food. However, what you might not know is that the locals are generous while the country as a whole is a charitable nation too. Even though it’s a tourist destination, it was started by Italians, and all proceeds go towards local charities.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Amazingly, Italy still remains one of the largest countries with over 50 UNESCO world heritage sites. Aside from this fact, there are 12 minority languages officially recognized in the country. Some of these languages include Albanian, German, Greek, Slovene, Sardinian, Catalan, and many others, to mention a few. In addition, the average Italian consumes 25kg of pasta per year, and that’s even funny to believe.

Biggest Gender Gap

In Italy, gender equality is something that matters to Italians, and it’s a subject that’s constantly being addressed for improvement wherever possible. This way, you should expect the biggest gender gap ever. That being said, Italians are also very traditional when it comes to their household, and women do most of the work. Meanwhile, Italian women do, on average, 21 hours of more housework weekly compared to their male counterparts.

Largest Producers of Wine

Have you ever wished to know the countries with the largest producers of wine? Well, worry less, as Italy made it to the top in the world. Depending on the season and harvest, this accolade is actually shared with Spain. But, the fertile land that spans north to south has made the country a lovely location for just about every grapes-strain on the planet.

Number 17 in the Country

If you still doubt, it’s high time you believe that Italians don’t like the number 17. And this is because; the number is considered a highly unlucky number in the country. Moreover, there are even  old hotels and buildings that purposely skip the 17th floor in floor for fear of it bringing bad energy to the space. Ironically, they don’t consider number13 to be unlucky. On contrary, they’re not bordered by the number unless they find themselves on a special occasion with a total of 13 people.

Educated and Football Fanatics People

In recent years, national statistic proves that around 99 percent of the Italian populations are able to read, understand, and write. However, this is an impressive and praise-worthy statistic for any country to have obtained this achievement. On the flip side, they are football fanatics, and you can hear their names around the world. Thankfully, they are good in football, and they also compete in the top positions.

Outdoor Activities to Explore in Italy

When it comes to choosing the best expats destination or tourist attractions, Italy might not make it to the top. However, if you’ve traveled to different parts of the world, you’ll know that there are many places to explore in this country. Without much talk, let’s take a look at the best places to visit in Italy.

1.    Tour Rome with Bike

Biking is one of the best ways to get around in this country. Even if you’re traveling at high speed or just taking a leisurely cycle around, you can tour the whole of Rome by bike. And for the fact that this city remains the central hub for history and cultures, you’ll enjoy cycling around with your bike. More so, you can treat yourself to a Rome city break, hop on a bike, and cruise along with the Colosseum.

2.    Scuba Diving in Italy

Located near Napoli, the Parco Sommerso di Baia is known as a flooded city lying just south of Rome. Unlike most dive sites, Scuba is different! Here, you can see buildings and statues that are still intact today. Therefore, if exploring the Sunken ancient cities isn’t your thing, you can also head to the Cristo del Garda for some awesome freshwater diving in the country.

3.    Explore the Colorful Valley

Exploring the colorful valley is another thing to enjoy while visiting this country as an expat. The flyover Castelluccio, Umbria, which is one of the highest villages in the Apennines, is a fantastic experience that would be pretty hard to top. So, if you want to enjoy your stay in the country, try to explore the colorful valley.

4.    Food Tour in Italy

You might have been hearing food tour but do you know that Italy seems to be the best country to enjoy this vacation. And in fact, it’s one of the country’s number one outdoor activities. This food tour could last for about four hours, and this can also be an avenue to get to know Rome through its people and culture.

5.    Sip Awesome Wine in Tuscany

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Italy is one country known to produce the best wines. With that being said, you can enjoy your time while drinking red wine under the setting sun. Meanwhile, a trip to the rural vineyard in this country provides the opportunity to indulge in sipping the best wines. In addition to this, the best time to visit this place is around April to September that happens to be the hottest and busiest time of the year.

6.    Visit the Lake District

This Lake District is located in the north of the country, and it’s a region home to five magnificent clear water lakes; Lugano, Como, Garda, Iseo, and Maggiore. If you’re ready to make a splash on your Italian holiday, then a trip to this place is an absolute must as you’re in for endless fun, including romantic boat rides, lakeside wine tasting, and the visit to picture-perfect villages.

7.    Visit Local Vatican Museums

If you’ve been visiting other places, but you didn’t explore this place, it means that your journey to this country is not complete. This is a perfect place, and they are made up of Christian and art museums found inside the city’s perimeters. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to a cultural awakening place in Italy, this seems to be the right place.

10 Best Places to Live in Italy

As an expat, the best cities to move to are definitely the places to consider when driving in a new location. With over 7,000km of spectacular coastline, charming towns, and beautiful mountains, Italy has several things to offer you. Nevertheless, you need to know the place suitable for you to live. Without much talk, below are the top ten places for expat to reside in Italy.

1.    Rome

10 Best Places to Live In Italy As An Expat

Of course, before we choose any other place, the city center remains the first location to think of. Rome is home to a variety of top-notch private and international schools. Aside from this fact, it’s also a friendly city that makes it easy for expats to feel comfortable and get acclimated to Italian life. More so, this walkable city is best known for having a comfortable atmosphere for expat to live and get acclimated to Italian life.


10 Best Places to Live In Italy As An Expat

Florence is another location for expat to enjoy their lifestyle. This city offers an outstanding balance between city living and a village lifestyle. In fact, it has its own airport, and this makes it an excellent choice for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry or financial space. However, its home to many foreigners, and it’s a beautiful city that’s easy to navigate. Not only that, but it has a lot of exciting things to do that’ll keep you active while living in Italy.

3.    Bologna

Living in bologna will make you have a feel of what living in Italy entails. This safe, walkable city is known for being welcoming and friendly to expats. Not only that, but they could function as one of Europe’s main educational centers as it holds exceptionally high standards for education. And for music lovers, Bologna remains one of the leading cultural centers and a recognized UNESCO city of music.

4.    Pisa

Pisa is another location for expat to reside in Italy. This beautiful city is full of several outdoor activities, including wineries, cathedrals, museums, and many others, to mention a few. That being said, Pisa is a walkable city that’s safe for expat to travel to. Not only that, but it’s one of the cities that offers a great nightlife experience for those who would love to go out and let off some steam.

5.    Genoa

10 Best Places to Live In Italy As An Expat

Your visitation to this country isn’t complete without mentioning this city. And this is by; it’s a historical port city known to accommodate expatriates who haven’t yet honed their Italian language skills. Besides, it’s a great place to work, and it’s an LGBT-friendly town that makes it very comfortable for a variety of different people across the universe. So, be rest assured that you don’t have to worry about threats from the police while residing in this area.

6.    Oristano

Located on the island of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea, is this wonderful city. It offers a lower cost of living to expats than most Italian cities. Here, you can enjoy beautiful beaches surrounded by clean water. Also, it’s a perfect place for any expat looking to have a perfect, quiet, and slow pace of life.

7.    Turin

If you’ve not heard, we are telling you today that Turin is the first capital in Italy. As research disclosed, this city finds itself on the western bank of the Po River and surrounded by the Western Alps. On the other side, it’s long known for becoming the European focal point of international industry, commerce, and trade. Meanwhile, this has resulted in a broad International mentality and a thriving expat community.

8.    Bolzano

This is a brilliant and vibrant location suitable for expats with their families and friends. It’s peaceful, safe, quiet, and surrounded by most of the beautiful mountains in the country. Moreover, you can find small picturesque mountain villages, seemingly endless vineyards that produce local wines, and many other things, to mention a few. In spite of that, this city itself has everything you need for a comfortable day-to-day life, including restaurants, doctors, open markets, and more.

9.    Brescia

Brescia is basically an industrial hub in the country. It’s quite hefty on financial services, and there’s a pretty sizeable expat population living and working in this dynamic city. With that being said, you should be aware that this place is well connected, both internationally and within the country. More so, when you’re in this city, you’ll have access to travel around the whole country and beyond. Meanwhile, it takes you 1 hour to travel to Mantova and Verona and less than 3 hours to travel to Venice and Padua.

10. Liguria

Liguria is a fantastic location with its own microclimate. While residing in this place, you’ll never experience a harsh temperature. Aside from this fact, Liguria is considered the only Italian region to have the Alps, Apennines, and the sea all quite close together. Not only that, but it has a unique transportation network that can convey everyone to their community with ease. Again, it’s a place where you can enjoy several outdoor activities and acquire a lovely coastal home without breaking the bank.

Cons of Living in Italy As an Expat

Whatever your reason to relocate to a new country, it’s always better to know the pros and cons. In our previous post about ‘Living in Italy as an expat’, we highlighted some of the positive and negative impacts of relocating to Italy. However, we still need to walk you through some disadvantages as this could help your relocation further.

High Rates of Unemployment

You might think that it’s only a few countries in Africa, and India has the highest unemployment rates in the world. If you assume this way, you’re totally wrong, and this is because; Italy made it to the list. In fact, research made it known that the rate is high compared to other parts of Europe. Moreover, as of 2019, the unemployment rate in the country was 12%. This way, if you’re planning on finding a job in Italy, it might take you a little while to get the right one.

Italy is Expensive to Live

While there are high rates of unemployed graduates in this country, living costs are high. Meanwhile, if you prefer the social nature of the Italian lifestyle, then small apartments that are sparse on modern furnishings would be compared to the New York City prices. This way, it would be better to do good research or plan before relocating to a new country. In other news, that’s why we’ve created this platform to guide you through the processes involved.

High School and Holistic Curriculum

This is one of the first things to notice if you genuinely want to give your child the best education. In Italy, high schools do not provide a holistic curriculum. This means, when your child attends a high school in the country, they will learn a specialty instead of receiving a generalized education. This means you must enroll your child in a high school that teaches special skills or things that they’d learn.

The road is Surprisingly Dangerous

If you picture yourself driving along an open road with rolling hills, then you’ll want to check back to reality. This story implies that driving in Italy could be a bas experience and even aggressive. Also, you may find connections waiting for you on most major roads, and drivers are not that patient when it comes to rush hour in traffic.

Long-term Lease in Italy

This is one common thing expats could face during their visitation to this country. That’s why we keep advising people to plan to stay for long if they want to rent an apartment in the country. However, if you’re not purchasing a property outright, then you might need to expect a transitory lease for your apartment or flat to last up to 18 months. On the other hand, you can find some long-term agreements that could last for 36 months when you move to some cities. Also, you may find some homeowners pushing the time out for four years.


There’s more to explore in Italy aside from the varying architectures and buildings. Remember, Italy is also known to be the home for fashion jargon and trendy designers. But, if you choose to live in this country without disturbance from immigration or any uniform offices, it’s better to understand the best places to reside. Nonetheless, refer to this guide for a detailed explanation.

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